Presets and versions of software

Greetings, can I confirm, if a preset product lists CS-80 V, when you launch it within AL, it will ask for you to have V3 or V4 of product? I am on an older version of V Collection and have yet to upgrade. In my account I see the following.

CS-80 V3 to CS-80 V4-
Prophet V3 to Prophet-VS V
Prophet V3 to Prophet-5 V

What happened to me was I got a preset pack and if you try ti edit it, it asks for you to have the latest version of the CS-80 product. I want to make sure this isn’t as a result of the update in Analog Lab software or as a result of the wording in the preset packs.

If I purchase an older preset pack (that I know has been around a while, it shows “Prophet V” presents. When you use it in the current version of AL, will it ask for a newer version of Prophet?


There are lots of informations about this in the legacy read only forum.

In short:
Application upgrades can be changed so much, that they no longer can share presets from older applications. Then old presets can be used in the old applications and new presets in the new applications. Both can be used in the newest Analog Lab.
This is the case for the applications you mention. That mean you can play all the presets in ALV, but you can only edit them in the full application, if you own the full application the presets is made in.

Hope this helps.

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but you can only edit them in the full application, if you own the full application the presets is made in.

This is what I was trying to clarify. I got some presets and thought they were pretty old so they should work but it turns out I need the newest version of the VI to use them within AL V.

If it’s not presets for the upgraded application, then try to install the latest update of the one you own.

What instrument does ALV tell the preset is?

thanks. yeah. i think there is a bit of confusion about what version of VI needs to be had for which present. maybe need to upgrade to new v collection when it comes on sale.

thanks again.

The old presets need the old application the new the new.
It’s unfortunately confusing on the sales site which is in a soundpack, and i think it should be made clear.
In ALV explore or store view you can see which version it is in the instrument column. If it just tell the instrument name without a version, then it’s the new version. If it’s older it tells the version.

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