Not responding to MIDI after rendering in Reaper

I’ve included Analog Lab V on a track in Reaper, playing a B3 Organ preset with a few parameters changed (drive turned down, adjusted the drawbars). After rendering the song, Analog Lab V doesn’t respond to MIDI anymore: no sound is produced.

In order to do another render I have to change the preset to something else, change it back, and adjust all the parameters again to get the sound just right. Then I can render, and then it stops responding to MIDI again.

Please, is there anything I can do to make Analog Lab V behave better? This is really annoying to deal with.

I’m using Analog Lab version (x64)

it seems it doesn’t require Rendering in Reaper for this VST to suddenly stop responding to MIDI. It seems it will just randomly stop generating output after a while.

Any assistance in this matter would really help : I don’t want to go without using this software.

Hi @djmpony . Welcome to the community.

It’s possible when you render to audio you deactivate the instrument. That depends on what you do and how your DAW work. I’m on Windows so i don’t know.

If you have issues without rendering to audio, then i can suggest you try to reinstall ALV. I can’t tell what’s going on.
The plugin should not stop output midi.
Are you sure it’s not your controllers USB connection or something else that give issues? It can even be about your DAW - like settings for the project and other things i assume.
Perhaps you can make a step by step list to replicate the issue. Then someone perhaps will test.

If the issue continues, then you can allways try to contact Arturia support. If this indeed is a ALV issue, then i assume they have more reports about it.

Thank LBH. I performed a reinstall and full re-start and tried rendering again, and the exact same thing happened.

Then I tried looping a section in the middle of my song to see if maybe the ALV VST just gives up after a set amount of time. After many minutes it was still working fine.

Then I thought there might be an error with the MIDI I recorded, so I trimmed the very end of the MIDI and set it aside. ALV has been fine since. So it seems there is a specific combination of MIDI notes that will cause this issue. I’ll send an email to Arturia support about it.

Just to close off this subject: I identified the cause of my issue.

MIDI note C1 deactivates sound in the B3 patch I was using. It was the very last note that I played, so when I rendered the song the sound got deactivated by the final note, C1. Removing the midi note C1 solved my problem.

Hi @djmpony ,

Playing any of the keys in the lowest octave of B# visible manuals will change the sound for that manual as it’s preset keys like on the original B3. The lowest C note on the manuls set all Drawbars to 0 in that manual and thus no sound.