Not loading presets when reopening project

Hey guys,

I am having this issue with AL and Pigments since march: once you reopen a saved project - Ableton or Logic - with presets from the store, it always goes to the initial preset. So, I need to write on track the preset name to remind what it was, but I lose all the tweakings I have done before. Also, when you unfreeze the track it happens the same way. This issue is on my PC and Mac, so I don’t think it is something related to OS updates in Apple computers.

Best regards.

It could be a problem caused by some update… Have you tried to select the correct presets and save the project again?

Hi rafaeldacostacampos and welcome to the new forum.
Sorry to hear you’re having issues.
It might be worth try trashing your database and letting it rebuild, this often cures a multitude of issues.
I am not a Mac user so i don’t know the location of the relevant file, it SHOULD be named ‘db.db3’ and it should be located in your Arturia resources folder.
Once you’ve located the file, just delete it and load up ALV, let ALV rebuild your database, it can take a few minutes.
Then see if things are any better.
Please let us know either way if this helps.