New Prophet 5 plugin Compare to Old?


The latest Prophet 5 V does not include the Prophet VS. Before the V 9 collection was released, the Prophet 5 came with the Prophet VS as well, now they are split into two different plugins, each costing $200.

I’m considering purchasing the older plugin version to get the two synths but I’m wondering- is there a notable sonic difference between the new and old versions of the Prophet 5? I understand that there’s an expanded effects section, but the actual sound quality emulation- is it the same?


Hey @zfw welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Thanks for your interest in our software instruments.
Remember that you can try a free demo version of all our Software Instruments and Effects!
So I invite you to try both Prophet VS-V and Prophet-5 V to be sure of the quality expected.

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Hi @sand.arturia ,

If I purchased an older version of Prophet 5, how much would the upgrade to 5 V be?

Also, when I tried the demo recently, it was the older version that included the VS as well. Did I get mixed up, or has your demo not been updated?

Hey @zfw,
You can check all the info about your upgrades by login in to you MyArturia account.

For the Demo+VS I’m not sure what could be the reason that you got both in one but as you can see on our website the official products comes separately.

I havent purchased anything yet, so dont have a MyArturia account and cant tell how much an upgrade would be.

All the applications including Prophet-5 V, Prophet VS and Prophet V3 can be downloaded from this website page i also added a link for in your other thread:

FYI: Arturia have a summer sale now:

More vendors are creating Prophet 5 emulations, but i think Arturia is the only one creating a true Prophet VS emulation.

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Hi there, thanks for the tip. i just purchased the Prophet 5 V.

Question- I have a hardware Prophet 6 from sequential circuits. Is there a way to save a patch and convert it into a file that your software can recreate?


Hope you’ll enjoy your Prophet-5 V.

I have replied your thread about this here:

Please try to keep the forum in order and save time and effort for us all in doing so.


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