Does Prophet 5 V software accept saved patch info from Prophet 6?


Wonderfully, Native Instruments’ FM8 software synth can convert saved sysex files from DX7s.

Does the Prophet 5 V software do the same with the hardware Prophet instrument? I have a Prophet 6 synth and it would be such a life saver to be able to convert my hardware patches to this VST.


Some current and some older Arturia applications like in example DX-7 V can import presets in sysex format like from a hardware synth. Unfortunately Prophet-5 V is’nt one of them.

If it could, then i’m not sure it would accept Prophet-6 presets. Perhaps.

I just had an interesting thought. I could map the CC outs of all my Prophet 6 knobs to their corresponding params in the VST, that way I dont need to dial in using mouse and keyboard.

Have you heard of anyone doing that?

You can try. But i think many presets will not sound the same using the same settings as in the hardware. But some might work well.