MPE modulation of Brilliance not working properly

Hey folks, it seems the MPE Slide modulation of Brilliance (the one in the global section) is not working properly… The latest pressed key is stealing the value from the previous keys.
Let’s say I press key 1, it goes into the MIDI channel 1, and for a while I can modulate the Brilliance parameter by sliding back and forth on key 1.
Then I press another key 2, while still holding key 1. It goes onto MIDI channel 2, and at that point the MPE slide on key 1 stops working - but at the same time the MPE slide on key 2 is now affecting both notes.
I don’t think it should be happening.
I am able to work around that issue by reassigning the MPE Slide modulation to “LPF 1+2 - Cutoff”, which is almost the same thing as modulating the global Brilliance, but this one does work properly.
Not sure why this is happening, I think maybe the proper MPE support was added for the individual oscillator sections, but not for the global sliders?
Any ideas?


Confirmed. I tried it using the Ring Mod - Mod parameter, and it was obvious as well.

I’m not sure if those parameters are meant to affect every voice at the same time (regardless of MPE control), but even if so, to me it would make sense that Slide on any channel should affect it, not just the last note played.