Modulate multiple destinations with a single CC?

I am not a keyboard player but a wind controller player (EWI, NuRAD…) what I want to achieve is the following.
As I am using mainly CC2 (Breath control) to modulate Cutoff filter frequency
On the CS80 there are 2 filters 1 and 2 and therefore 2 Cutoff frequencies
1 - MIDI CC2 can only be selected using MIDI Learn function no other way to activate it ??
2- So, when using Midi Learn I select the Filter 1 Cutoff it works but when I want to select Filter 2 Cutoff also using Midi Learn (no other way) to select it the modulation previously made with Filter 1 Cutoff disappear ???

How Can I make it work and modulate both Filter 1 & 2 Cutoff using MIDI CC2 ?
The same question for the other Synths from V collection V9 series

Other issue
I understand that for Keyboard players it is interesting to have a MIDI configuration set for all Presets but for Wind Controller players it makes things much harder as we can only send limited numbers of CC’s therefore for some presets we need to map CC2 to filter Cutoff sometimes VCA amount … with only CC2 (CC1 mod wheel is mainly used for the vibrato.

On other virtual synth (e.g. UVI Falcon 3, Kilohearts PhasePlant ) it is very easy to modulate multiple destinations with only on CC and it is still possible to set the range individually for each destination Arturia should implement such functions.

Thanks for your help

Hi @Saxfred56 . Welcome to the community.

Common for all Arturias synth is they have Macro controls. Macros can control multiple parameters. So you could assign midi CC#02 to one. Most factory presets have a Macro named Brigtness. Perhaps it’s a good idea to use that. But keep in mind that Macros can be named and control the parameters a designer wish.
I suggest you learn about using the Macros.
The Macro Controls can be programmed in the right panels under the MACRO tab. It’s the same controls you find in the bottom right of the instruments.

Individual instruments can have other options. For example do CS-80 V4 have the Global Brilliance performance slider. That control the filters. However that slider can also be controlled by a Macro.