Missing files in Analog lab V


I’ve installed Analog Live V (version

Sometimes when I choose an instrument it appears the message “Missing Files”

How can I repair this error?


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Hi @Marfio . Welcome to the community.

Look like the missing samples is factory samples for Emulator II V.

Do you have the PRO version of Analog Lab?

If you have’nt changed file paths somehow after you have installed your Analog Lab V, then first try to reinstall Analog Lab V.
Don’t change anything after the install. All Arturia resources shall be installed in Arturias Resource folder located at the install path you have set in Arturia Software Center (ASC).
If that does’nt help, then try to download the installer from Arturias download site Downloads & Manuals | Arturia - The Sound Explorers and run that. Perhaps that can make a difference.

If you still have issues, then please give info about how you install and if you do something after the install.
Also please tell, if you can locate the samples on your computer somewhere.

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Ok. I will try this.

I reinstalled Analog Lab V pro from Arturia Software Center, and it seems that is all installed.

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That’s great @Marfio. Thanks for reporting back.

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