MIDI control center app dropdown lists do not display to allow a selection on MacOS 13.6.3

I have a tiny quicktime video here of what happens when you try to select something from any MCC menu https://shorturl.at/lwMS3. As you’ll see the dropdowns just flicker and never resolve to a selectable list. This means my keyboard is useless at the moment for operating logic pro or any other DAW. https://shorturl.at/lwMS3

I have MacOS 13.6.3 on an intel Mac plus Keylab essentials 61 firmware 1.0.17. I have been unable to use the midi control center to select anything to set up the keyboard e.g. for use with Logic pro.

I need a fix !

Hi @davemevans and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum.

Just had a look at your videos, i do not have a Mac myself, i’m on Windows, but occasionally i experience things like this which usually turns out to be i’ve not noticed something is on my qwerty keyboard, not to say that’s the case in your own issue of course.

Have you tried reinstalling MCC or possibly trying a different USB cable/port? The latter could indicate one of those annoying breaks in a cable that can cause this kind of issue.


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