MCC crashes when browsing Microfreak waveforms

MCC running on Mac M1 13.6.3. MicroFreak is connected and seen by MMC. MCC hard crashes when I simply use the up and down arrows to select waveforms on the computer side.

Plus, I’m getting Import failed whenever I attempt to transfer samples to MFreak (firmware 5). All in all, quite frustrating.


Please try to open the MCC with Rosetta. It will avoid the crashes.

For the later, can you please send the sample that fails please ? We will try to take a look if it is faulty, or if the problem is elsewhere.

Thanks, and sorry for the issues.

I was able to transfer the samples and get the 5.0 presets right by bypassing the usb hub I was going through at first. So problem solved, thanks.

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Grrrr USB hubs are my nemesis. They are sometimes interfering with the communication between the synth and the computer.
Can you please tell me the USB hub brand/model please ? It’s always a good information to have.

I’m glad you solve your issue !
Thanks for your feedback.

It’s a CalDigit TS3 Plus.

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