MCC crashes on importing .wav

I have Microfreak Stellar with latest firmware. I am using the latest version of MCC.

MCC works so far, but only when I try to import a .wav sample, it crashes as soon as I click on the file. Tried with different files, filesize in the range of 1-2MB.

Please advise.

I don’t know the solution but I would check the bit depth and sample rate of the WAV files you are trying. Maybe it is picky and expects 16bit/44.1KHz or something?


Is it happening with a specific sample ? or with any sample you try ?
If a specific sample, please send it to me.

Are you on Mac or on Windows ?

In theory it’s not, the MCC will convert the sample to the right target format. But maybe some original file format is messing the conversion.

Another question I have is: is there any special characters in the path of this sample ?

You nailed it. There was an “ä” in the path name.

BUT: This should not happen. Either you specify “ASCII names only” in your documentation or you upgrade the MCC to UNICODE, which has been the standard for many years now. 20 years ago this would have been the first thing I checked, but in 2023?

Anyway, thanks for your help!


Yep, I agree, this is a very ugly bug and I can assure you that this will be fixed in futur version.

Thats good to hear. Thank you!

And when you are at it, maybe you could change the restriction of the number of characters in the filename - only 12 characters is a bit short, especially for a language like german :wink:



I will check that but I think the restriction is there for a reason which I have trouble to remember.
If not, I will remove it, but I cannot guarantee anything right now.