Matrixbrute discontinued?

I have reached out to Arturia asking if the Matrixbrute is discontinued but maybe someone here knows. I am having a hard time finding the Matrixbrute in stock anywhere and I’m wondering if maybe they’ve quietly discontinued the Matrixbrute.

Just for anyone else wondering what the status of Matrixbrute is, customer support from Arturia did get back to me and let me know that they expect to start shipping another batch to retailers later this summer/fall. So it seems like it’s not discontinued after all!

Hi @cijanzen thanks for your interest in our products :zap:

:loudspeaker: FYI and everyone guessing about it, our iconic MatrixBrute Black will be back in stock in September.

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@sand.arturia please don’t mark your answer as correct when I have already answered and marked my own as correct. It doesn’t build community trust when you do that without consulting the user.

Follow up question though. Will the original Matrixbrute in the grey/blue with natural wood also be shipping, or just the Matrixbrute Noir?

Hey @cijanzen sorry for marked the answer, both are correct :slight_smile:
At the moment only the Mb Noir version will be on stock.


Thanks for clarifying and understanding!

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