¡Buen día! Quiero comprar una audio fuse pero necesito saber si cuenta con la función de loopback para transmitir música o sonidos desde mi Mac en directo

Nice day! I want to buy a fuse audio but I need to know if it has the loopback function to stream music or sounds from my Mac live

Hey @Dhfernandez welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

Sure! Our AudioFuse Studio and the AudioFuse 8Pre has integrated virtual Loopback channels that allows you to record the output of other applications directly in your DAW.

I invite to check our FAQ and have a look on each manual that are also available in Spanish to be sure the product fits to your quality needs for streaming purposes.

Also we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Thanks for your answer ! I understand then that AudioFuse rev 2 doesn’t do it and it’s only available for AudioFuse studio and AudioFuse 8 pre. Is that so? Greetings

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That’s right @Dhfernandez :zap:

And it works really well on the Studio!!

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