Looking for “safety” mode to protect V-Collection settings when playing live

Is there a way to set V Collection instruments so that only the parameters I map to a hardware controller are functional when playing live?

For example, on my Wurli, I have the first two knobs of my Keylab controller set to control volume and vibrato, and my first four sliders controlling chorus/phaser on/off and wet/dry. But if I accidentally bump a different slider or turn the wrong knob, I don’t want the default assignment (like hammer hardness or key release noise) of that slider/knob to change.

On some of my presets — like B3 and MiniV — I assign and use all or most of the available Keylab controls but others — like Mellotron — have three knobs assigned for very basic control when playing live. It’s easier than it seems to grab the wrong control and drastically change the sound in the middle of a song.

The only way I’ve figured out to do this now is to install extra effects that are never turned on then map all the remaining knobs and sliders to controls within those effects. That way if I move the wrong one, it only changes a parameter on an effect pedal that’s silent. I’d like to find a more efficient way if it exists.

I’m posting this here because this seems like something best done at the instrument level, not on the Keylab itself.

HI @Matt62704 ,

If i understand you correct, then i would just create a MIDI Config under the MIDI tab in the right panel of the applications where only the parameters you wish to control from your controller is mapped. If you hoower the mouse over a parameter, then you get a popup menu to for example delete a parameter in the config.
You can create multiple MIDI configs to choose from, if you wish.

Wow. I didn’t know I could do that when saving my configs. I’ve changed numerical values on them but never bothered hovering over anything else. Thanks!

You are welcome. Thanks for reporting back.