'Local Templates>User Templates' Editing crashes Midi Control Center

I am using a recently bought Minilab Mk3
Firmware: 1.1.1

In the ‘Local Templates’ box under ‘User Templates’ there is a template named ‘Default’ that anytime I attempt to select or click on, immediately crashes MIDI Control Center.

Also, if I create a template, deleting my own templates will immediately crash it as well.

This is peculiar, no?

I’d like to be able to just delete the default stock template so that only my user template(s) exists in the list, and prevent the software from crashing on a whim.


Sorry your experience such issue.
What version of MCC do you use ? Are you on Windows or on Mac ?

Can you send me in private message the faulty file in order for me to analyse it ? (C:\Program Data\Arturia\MIDI Control Center\Templates\MiniLab 3\Factory\Default.minilab3 or /Library/Arturia/MIDI Control Center/Templates/MiniLab3/Default.minilab3)


Hey, late reply but after navigating to the templates folder you shared and deleting the problematic ‘default’ template under user templates I stopped having issues. No crashes now after deleting any other templates I make.