License fail during concert

Hello everyone, I had a concert last weekend and during our 3rd song suddenly my keyboard stopped playing, I opened the plugin I was using for that song (Farfisa) and it was running in Demo Mode, that had happened to me before in my studio but never during a concert, I had to use my phone as a hotspot and open the Arturia Software Center for it to recognize my licenses again.
Is there a way to prevent this from happening again? Do I need to keep my laptop always connected to a wifi during concerts or something like that?

I’m using the V-Collection 8 on Ableton Live 11 Suite on a MacBook Pro from 2017
macOS Monterey
Processor 2.9 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
16gb 2133 MHz LPDDR3

Hey @silvadealegria we’re sorry to read this.
I believe we already contacted you.

In order to help you with this issue please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation ASAP.

I hope you’ve being able to solve this already and that you are enjoying your V-Collection at its best!

That suuuucks!

Sounds like the dreams I have, where i am playing my Drum Kit, in front of a huge crow, full of important people, - and I don’t know the song, and my kit is sliding away from me, as I play…

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How huge is this crow exactly?

Oh, Man!..Well that’s embarrassing…

“crowd” was the word -


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Hello, Arturia. This same situation happened to me last night. I was onstage during a concert and my keyboard was not playing any sound from my Arturia plugins. This is not an isolated incident that needs to be fixed once, it is systemic. Until Arturia decides to change this behavior, it will happen again to nearly everyone of your customers. Perhaps if we knew the mechanics behind the issue such as the frequency by which the licensing products are validated, or why this happens, perhaps your customers can take steps to mitigate the likelihood of such embarrassment. Professionals rely on your products to work as they should. Help us to ensure that they will.

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Hey @tabtech we’re sorry to read this and thanks for reporting it.

Could you please confirm that you had installed the latest version of the ASC on your laptop at the moment of the crash?

Please make sure to have the ASC ( version as it has improvements that fixed this situation.

If the crash persists please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

Sorry but I’ve got even newer ASC ( and it’s still not fixed at all, all my VCollection switched to demo mode in front of a 5K people crowd last night…
Had to connect to ASC to make an update then go to one of the VSTs and switch back to authorized while playing the gig, such a pleasant experience trust me on that !

3rd time it happens this year, Arturia always answers with automatic bs, I’m seriously considering giving up using it as a professional reliable live instrument.

I have two laptops, one in the studio (online) and another I use for travelling (offline), I have all my products activated on both. Today my offline laptop refused to run any of my arturia products, demo mode only, because the laptop was not connected to the internet.
This is totally unacceptable, I have paid for the software, it should work regardless of my network status.

I have several gigs lined up in the coming weeks which I intend to use Analog Lab, but I am now concerned that your software won’t work without the laptop being online - this does not fill me with confidence in your products.

I have the most recent version of ASC installed, and the “offline” laptop does get connected periodically to receive updates etc. but it is mostly used offline.

Is there a permanent offline licencing solution?

Hi @mankymusic . Welcome to the community.

I can suggest you and others try to do a offline activation like this:

hi @LBH thanks for the advice, I’ve done as you suggested and it seems to be working, will this continue to work it I connect the offline computer to the internet?
How about if the ASC updates?
Will I need to do this process again / ever again?

As said, then i have’nt tried. But i assume it will work. It make no sense to have a offline activation, if you need to be online.
I would try it at home offline.

Perhaps one need to be online from time to time or have the activation confirmed from time to time with a new offline activation. To me that would make sense.

You can update using ASC as normal or download installers. I can’t see that should be affected.

if the informations you have got during the offline activation does’nt tell, then you can allways ask Arturia support, if you need further informations.

can someone from arturia clarify if this is the intended way for users to authorize the software in a situation where the computer has no internet (AND WILL REMAIN DISCONNECTED)?

i have been very pleased with arturia’s approach to licensing, BUT IF I WILL LOSE ACCESS TO THE SOFTWARE I HAVE PURCHASED without maintaining an internet connection, then i do not own it.

i have had products un-authorize. i would like to know exactly what is required from arturia’s point of view to keep my paid for software operational when i need it, rather than at the whim of arturia.

Hi @kiimyo ,

You own your software.

If you need further informations about offline activation than in my above posts and linked article, then i suggest you contact Arturia support or simply try it out like i suggested.

can someone from arturia support confirm that ‘i own my software’?

thank you lbh, but i need to hear this from the source, directly.

if you are correct then i will need to uninstall and reinstall all arturia software on two different computers, which is fine if i know it will work.

like last year, my studio this summer will not have an internet connection. this is why this is important to me. arturia software stopped working last summer and i want to prevent this from happening again.

Hi again @kiimyo ,

That’s why i suggest you contact Arturia support.
Even though official Arturia sometimes do respond in the community, then you can’t exspect they will.

Feel free to report the result.

The fact that others does’nt have writen it does’nt work, then i assume it does.

You do own your sofware. But commercial software have to have a secure activation process to secure legit use. That does’nt mean you don’t own your software.

if it automatically unauthorizes itself, then i do not own it.

if arturia cannot be bothered to make their policies clear here, it doesn’t bode well, as far as i can tell.

it is a shame because this is a company i want to support.

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