LFO Clock

Hello fellow sound people

I’m pretty new to the V collection and not a sound/music pro so thank you for bearing with me…

I’m running CS-80 V3 on Logic Pro (V11.0.0) and got the “Bendy” pad preset loaded up.
Every time I playback a MIDI note, the sub oscillator appears to start at a different point in its phase –which is a problem for me– as it makes the starting pitch unpredictable. (The sub oscillator is what appears to generate the movement for the pitch bending effect in this patch, but correct me if I’m wrong.)

My notion is that it’s just going up and down to a “free” clock instead of being triggered by the MIDI note. I’ve been trying to find a way to set it to be (re)triggered by MIDI but to no avail. Is it even possible?

Hope this makes sense. I appreciate you reading, and hope I can find a fix if it exists.


Hi @dlyrium. Welcome to the community.

The SUB OSC do not have a retrigger functionality.
You can use LFO 1 in that preset as modulator. Set the mode to TRIG. Then use the modulation matrix to assign modulation to the OSC’s frequencies.

Remove the VCO modulation from the SUB OSC.

Hi LBH, thanks for your quick response!

I need to fine tune it a bit but this definitely puts me on the right track, cheers!!

You are welcome @dlyrium.

Yes Some tweaking is indeed needed. you will need to let the LFO 1 modulate all parameters the SUB OSC did. and set the amounts to match. And then not use the SUB OSC at all. Then also adjust the LFO 1 speed.