Kodamo , Another French synthesizer maker

This thread post : Arturia as part of Music Tech «à la française»? : Arturia as part of Music Tech «à la française»?
made me first look up Arturia (again) and then in turn want to find out if there were other French synthesizer makers out there.
That made me stumble over Kodamo which as of 2019 also makes synthesizers…
Probably not a major competitor to Arturia but never the less interesting I think , though I must confess that I do not understand most of it !
But me not understanding most of it still wants to post it here so maybe someone have some comments that will be ‘enlightening’ :slightly_smiling_face:

EssenceFM , a 300 voice polyphony (6-op FM mode) FM synthesis synthesizer.

Note ! : Quote review at Thomann.de (slightly edited as it some places used the word ‘votes’ as opposed to ‘Voices’) :
Important: the 300 voices can be used up quickly. A patch of 5 sounds, played in 4 voices, sometimes has almost 200 voices. Each operator counts as a separate voice! It’s nice that the Kodamo shows the current voice usage!

MASK1 , a synthesizer of synthesis type : Bitmask, subtractive


Hey @Merlin,
Thanks for sharing this with the community, very interesting indeed. :zap: