KeyLab 61 MkII and how to use some MIDI tracks at the same time

Hello all

I don’t know if this is a basic question or something impossible to do or not with my KeyLab 61 MkII…

Imagine you have four MIDI tracks in your Ableton Live

If I want to use a MIDI track with my keyboard and switch from one MIDI track to another, it’s easy using the Select buttons
This is under control!

However, when I select MIDI track 1, for example, and select MIDI track 2, MIDI track 1 is automatically disabled, and sometimes I would like to use both tracks or three tracks at the same time

Is it possible using my KeyLab 61 MkII?
If so, how could I do that?
I’ve searched but couldn’t find anything about it

Thanks a lot!


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Thank you @sand.arturia

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This question is mainly about using your DAW.
You can arm several tracks in a DAW and set them to use the same midi/ controller input. It’s just about how you do this in your DAW.
This is perhaps enough. But perhaps you also need to learn to work with several midi channels. Beside how to do this in your DAW this also can be about changing midi channel on your controller.

So i suggest you find out how to arm multiple tracks in your DAW, and how to set a midi input and a midi output midi channel for a track. Also learn to change midi channel on your controller.
This should be all.

Perhaps this can help: Ableton Quick tips - how to Arm record multiple Tracks at the same time - YouTube

BTW: A DAW can have a multiinstrument option, where several instruments can be on the same track. Perhaps it also can be worth to find out, if your DAW have such option.



Thanks a lot for your comments

The video that you shared, helped me a lot
The DAW is part of the solution as you said

For my requirements is not covering all that I need, but yes with an important part, so thank you so much

It helped me a lot!



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Glad to hear that @jorges ,

You are welcome to ask more questions in the forum.


Thank you @LBH :grinning:

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