Joe Zawinul on Arturia Pigments

I’ve gotten really into trying to programs sounds in Pigments that are similar to sounds that Joe Zawinul used with Weather Report. Sure, I know that in reality he used Arps, Prophet V, maybe Oberheim etc. But, I’m finding that I can often get really close to lot’s of his synth sounds with Pigments. Most of the times, the programs that I wind up creating are not particularly complicated, maybe just a some Analog engine with something simple from the Wavetable or Sample engine on top. Sometimes it might be using some cross modulation in the Analog engine. Lot’s of times I wind up using velocity to modulate certain elements such as manipulation of the Wavetable engine placement or filter to get that “human feel” that so many of Zawinul’s sounds have.

Has anyone else done any exploration of Joe Zawinul’s sounds? Or, when there is a sound on a recording that you want to try and replicate, what method do you usually use to get to it?



That’s awesome @Morris thanks for sharing!

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Best :zap:

Hello analog lab v gota nice preset called weather reporting i dont know wich synth it is

Ahhh…thanks so much. I’m gonna look for that now!


I found another Joe Zawinul (Weather Report) sound in Analog Lab V. It’s a lead sound called JoeZ
It seems there are some Jazz Fusion fans at Arturia!

There’s Weather Reporting, a multi by J.M.Blanchet in Analog Lab, presumably a reference to Weather Report.

Also Weather by J.M.Blanchet without description.