I've found a workaround for Arturia VSTs automatically changing parameters

Arturia’s VSTs have been constantly changing their parameters lately for some reason and I’ve been losing a lot of work.
Last night I loaded a default patch in AL and noticed it automatically changing the sound randomly without me doing anything.
After some digging, I found that it was the mod wheel that was being moved by itself. The only hardware I have attached is a NI midi keyboard. So I unplugged that and I found the problem went away.
I wouldn’t immediately blame Arturia for this issue as It could be the NI midi keyboard, but this issue has only been happening with Arturia plugins. I havn’t had this issue with Diva, Serum or any Ableton stock Instrument. Whether this is a bug or something else going on, I dont know but i’ve seen quite a few forums pop up with this exact issue.

So in any case, if you’re having this issue, consider removing the USB cable from your MIDI keyboard as a workaround.

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This is odd, i’ve not had that happen on my system, can i ask your system specs if possible please as this sounds like it could be a bug?

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Out of interest, is the NI keyboard USB or mains powered?

USB. It’s a little NI A25

I have a Mac Air 2022, Ableton 11 and a Audient ID4

so maybe it cannot be mains powered as i know that sometimes USB power can be flaky and cause MIDI issues. Is it connected via a USB hub and is that powered? Have you tried disconnecting all other USB devices and seeing if the keyboard alone is ok?

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VERY good points there @Funtmaster

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Many years supporting Windows products - especially Word - applying troubleshooting methodologies. Thats why I use Apple now :slight_smile:


Since you’re using Ableton, one thing you can try is inserting a MIDI Monitor device ahead of your instrument plugin and put it in Flow mode. This will log all of the MIDI messages coming from your controller. If you see mod wheel messages like in this screen shot, that would demonstrate that it’s a hardware defect causing the problem and not the plugin. If you don’t see any phantom MIDI messages, then there must be something else happening with the plugin. I would be very surprised if Analog Lab is inventing mod wheel movements that it’s not actually receiving!



Thanks for the suggestions. Yes it’s connected to an un-powered USB hub unfortunately. It’s a mac Air so they only ration out 2 USB ports - so a hub was required.
I’ll look into a good expensive one soon, because that’s probably the issue now I think about it. This one does the job but it might not be getting enough juice. But i’ll do some extended testing without the hub also to pinpoint it.

Very good suggestion, i’ll try this also. Thanks

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