Is this normal behavior of arpeggiator on Keystep 37?

I have a Keystep Pro and recently purchased a Keystep 37. The behavior of their respective arpeggiators seem quite different.

I like to “play the arp” as I call it. By that I mean, I may hold one note (middle C on the Keystep 37) while I play (not hold) notes one octave above it. The Keystep 37 in most cases seem to never register that I’ve pressed the other keys. The Keystep Pro doesn’t do this and manages to capture most key presses.

I understand that there is a possible timing issue here but the behavior I am seeing is way beyond that. I have the Div set to 1/8 and the tempo set to 200 I can hold middle C and then move my fingers between C,D, and E one octave up and it never registers a single note.

Is this normal?

The unit is on the latest firmware.

Any assistance is appreciated.

I don’t have a solution but you should report it support team - even though changes are slim to none this will ever get fixed as it is clearly not something they prioritize.

I believe the Keystep37 ARP is defect/buggy and the issues has never been resolved.
I’ve reported this last year and it was confirmed and reproduced by the support team.
[ARP patterns resets when holding chords and changing a note]

Some other guy also reported it to the support on the old forum [Arpeggiator pattern interrupted by new pattern] - that was 2 years ago…

Expect Arturia to don’t give a fuck. :grimacing: