Is There Anyway to Add Your Own Sound Designer Profile Photo?

So I would love to add my own photo as one of the Designers so that it will look presentable amoungst the others. I’ve tried (on a mac) going to “Library/ Arturia/ Shared/ images/ vc8_images/ designers” and adding my photo with the same name there, to no avail. Is that something only reserved to Arturia’s sound designers?

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Hey @QAPT !

Indeed this option is only available for Arturia’s sound designers.

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Ahhh gotcha. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on board one day!

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No, I have done that twice for my own presetbanks. Just google it again. The size of the image do mather both regarding kb and pixels. I think it was…
360x360 image, try png and give it the same name as of the soundbank.


No i’ve got that… Im asking about the sound designer profile photo. And for banks I dont think theres a limit on pixels anymore. I put in a 2000x2000 png and it displays fine now

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Hey @janne.gayen welcome to our Sound Explorers community :zap:

Thanks for sharing your information.

In fact this feature is available only for user banks to easily identify your banks in your profile :framed_picture: and the size you’re using it’s just perfect to don’t overcharge your CPU specially if you create many soundbanks.

Hope this helps clarifying :metal:

Hey @QAPT I strongly suggest you to use the minimum size for the image template for your personal soundbanks which is 256px X 256px to avoid overcharging your CPU.

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