Is there a conversion from ays and ays2 to CSX?

I have Version 3 of CS-80 and I have a lot of patches that could never be imported into version 3 from my previous versions. I believe there was a conversion utility at some point. Does anyone know where I might obtain such a program?

Unfortunately, because Arturia seems to change their file formats without any way to migrate I stopped upgrading since I heard CS-80V 3 to 4 had similar incompatibility issues.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Trankonia . Welcome to the community.

No. CS-80 V4 is a rebuild. It’s very different from older versions. There is a feature request about this. You can still use the old presets in Analog Lab when “Include Legacy Sounds” is enabled. If you want full editing you have to have the old applications installed too, if they still can run on your system. They can on Windows.

There was a conversion application back in time to V-Collection 5 when the new preset browsers came, if i recall correctly. So i don’t think there have been converssion issues before, unless one did’nt get the preset converter in time. But CS-80 V4 is way more different also in sound.

Thanks so much for your response. I will try to load into Analog Lab per your suggestion.



I have just studied a little. It look like your files is very old, so you need the old presets to be converted. You can only use CSX files. They was introduced with CS-80 V3. The converter converted V2 to V3 presets as far as i recall. It’s so long ago i can’t remember precisely.

You can ask Arturia if you they have the old preset converter. But keep in mind, that it only can convert it you have the old applications and files installed.