Introducing KeyStep Pro Chroma & Firmware 2.5 | Sequencing Mastermind Recolored

_Introducing KeyStep Pro Chroma

Sequencing Mastermind Recolored

November 30, 5PM CET

The controller keyboard that changed the sequencing game, upgraded with a futuristic exterior and supercharged with unique creative functionality.

Sleek dark exterior

An alluring dark gray gives KeyStep Pro an edgy, industrial look.

Vibrant blue LEDs

In perfect contrast to the dark casing, bright blue LEDs illuminate your setup.

New stylish knob caps

Great-feeling knob caps all round to complement KeyStep Pro Chroma’s fresh design.

Customizable track colors

Exclusive for KeyStep Pro Chroma, users can now choose from a range of colors for their tracks.

:link: Discover KeyStep Pro Chroma here

_KeyStep Pro Firmware 2.5

Alongside KeyStep Pro Chroma, Arturia have released a free firmware update for KeyStep Pro users, featuring much-requested additions and creative enhancements. Here’s what’s included:

Send & receive Program Changes

Users can now send Program Changes per track.

Transpose Latch

Configure KeyStep Pro’s Transpose button to toggle Transpose Mode on.

Quick-access track settings

Quickly change track-specific settings by pressing Shift & Track number.

Fixed Velocity

Determine a fixed velocity for pressed keys and triggered notes.

:link: Discover KeyStep Pro Firmware 2.5 here

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