I'm still living in 2013. Please help me! (Analoglab lab then vs now)

I’ve just bought a new bacbook pro M1 secondhand after my old
2013 macbook basically refused to work anymore… and it now dawns on me that I will probably have to update tons of software and plugins.
I got AL free 10 years when i bought the minilab keyboard and since then I’ve used it on nearly every session. My question is, what is today’s equivalent of analoglab (assuming my old version is obsolete) and does anyone know if there’s a way to keep the hundreds of favourited presets that i’ve stored?

to add to this… i’m aware of the 4 different versions of AL currently on arturia website… i think the version i have is most similar to the ‘pro’ one, for $199.
There is an ‘intro’ option but it has no price and no apparent link to download. Anyone know what this is about?

Hi @Tomasina . Welcome to the community.

Are you saying that you have’nt updated Analog Lab since 2013?

You can read on your Arturia account under Products which versions you have available.
I suggest you install Arturia Software Center. Then log into it. Then you can see which versions you can install. Perhaps you have the latest version for free. I’m not sure if there was a upgrade price since 2013 for Analog Lab alone. But if so, then you will have a personal offer on your Arturia account.

If you indeed only have presets from the 2013 version, then you can’t use the same presets in the new version. Around 2014-15 presets had to be converted to a new preset browser system. The converter is’nt around anymore. I beleive most factory presets was converted by Arturia. However things like favorite markings wil be lost.
if you on the other hand had a newer Analog Lab version, then you have your personal markings, if you have made backups of your preset folder.

Only Analog Lab V can run natively with M1 processors.

FYI: Intro versions is versions that have less presets than the Pro version, and come with some hardware.

Also the new Analog Lab PRO might not have the same amount of presets. If you for example on your Arturia account have access to several Analog Lab versions, then i suggest you install them all, as you perhaps with Analog Lab 4 will get more presets. I can’t tell for sure though.

@LBH this is really helpful thanks.

Indeed, I haven’t updated since 2013.
I didn’t know it was an option tbh.

I downloaded Arturia software centre and it shows I have analog lab (demo) which I can update. I didn’t think it was a demo… it seems quite complete (apart from being to edit detailed parameters of each instrument)

Is there any reason to update it first on my old computer or just do it on the new one?

You are welcome @Tomasina.

Unless you actually do have the old presets and have the old preset converter to convert user presets, then it will not help anything on an installation on your new computer to update the old.

Are you sure it’s only Analog Lab demo you have, if you owned the full old one?
Keep in mind that Analog Lab PLAY is free, if you indeed only have a demo of the new full version.
Also keep in mind, that you probably have a personal offer on your Arturia account, if you only have the demo of the full version.