I foolishly thought I could just move the VSTs

Hi, With VST’s loaded in lots of different places it was too confusing, so I decided to have everything in one folder, and proceeded to copy and paste all the VST’s I could find into one folder and re-scan. Most of them don’t mind where they are, but the Arturia ones are extremely unhappy with me. Can anyone help? Do I need to completely uninstall the Collection, go through the Manager and download them again so that I can tell them to install in my new location? Will I lose another of my dwindling lives? Shall I just put them back? Many thanks!

HI @processing and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Hey we all do things like this from time to time and we all break things from time to time, just have to learn from it :wink:

You’ll be pleased to hear it’s not the end of the world and there are a couple of options that i can think of immediately.

First and possibly easiest, just move the files you moved back to their original locations, that SHOULD work.
Secondly, you could try uninstalling them, this might not work though as some of the files are now in the wrong location.

If you want to install all your Arturia software in the same folder, just do a manual install of each product and point them all to the same folder.
Personally, i have a separate, internal SSD which i use for this purpose.


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