How to syncronize Drum loops from Analog Lab with DAW (Ableton live)

i’m using Analog Lab as Plugin in Ableton live - when selecting a Drum loop in Analog Lab - the tempo is not syncronized with Ableton live metronom - is there a way to somehow link the drum loop to the daw tempo ?

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Are you using the latest ALV? I don’t use Live anymore but in cubase the loop follows the tempo automatically.

Hi @Rich. Welcome to the community.

I don’t know which presets you have. Analog Lab use presets made in the full individual instruments from Arturia. Some sequences might not use tempo sync. That can only be changed if you own the full instrument a preset is made in.
Are you saying none of your sequence presets sync to tempo?
Can you name a factory preset, that you wan’t to sync but can’t? If you name a preset i have, then i can check it.

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Hi, i think i got it -maybe it was an init problem - now when e.g. selecting DxB Beat and TAP a specific tempo in Ableton - it syncs and the loop has the same tempo - it did not yesterday - maybe due to some connection issue. But many thanks for your hints - sometimes a new day solves an issue :wink:

Glad it work.