How to map the faders to macros in Ableton?

How can I map macros to the faders? It seems they are hard-wired and can only be overwritten by midi mapping which hardwires them again to e.g. one synth. I want to be more flexible with the faders and be able to macros them to different synths.

Hey @Klaus_Uebergang you can map everything thanks to our MIDI Control Center.

Here is a video on how to use MiniLab3 with Ableton Live


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Hi Nats, yes, I am aware of this… but that’s not what I wanted to do as with Midi control center it s hardwired to one synth but not as flexible as macros with Ableton. I want to be able to map the faders quickly like macros without going into the midi control center which is not really handy for me.

Hmm I see @Klaus_Uebergang.
Please let us know if you find any solution.

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This is not about a certain controller.

I think there are multiple tutorials about how to do this, if you search the web about Macro control mapping in Ableton Live.
I don’t use Live.

Did that of course. Did not find any explanation on this topic.

Yes, still diggin. Could be the Ableton script of how they address the macros. The knobs just work fine.

Hi Klaus_Uebergang

I use Ableton live, I’m trying to understand more about your problem.
You want to map a fader of the Minilab as a Macro for a lot of synths but without using the Macro mapping on Ableton?

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hey @VFertorandez , I would like to map the macros to the faders of the minilab3 without using the global midi mapping function of Ableton as if you are using the “blue” global midi mapping it is hard-wired again to this specific synth you were midi mapping it to. I can address the knobs in macro mode but not the faders. I hope it s well explained…

Ok I Understand, this week I will have a Minilab 3 ,then I think I can try to see if there’s a problem or if the Minilab can’t do it and send a Request.

But now I understand more clearly what you want :slight_smile:


Would be great to have a solution for that as I would love to use the faders on the fly. As otherwise you basically only have 8 knobs to macro design. I could also be an Ableton script problem. But it should be solvable hopefully
… :slight_smile:

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have you tried using a midi monitor to check and remap the controls ?

on some occasions I had to manually configure the fades and knobs and save a preset with that to reload them so that ableton would not overwrite them.

and finally what I can think of is to create a custom midi mapping script to see if it might work well for you.


Sounds interesting. I have to dig closer into this. Thanks for the idea.


I don’t understand; what script are you using; ableton; analog or user?
-in ableton the script uses the 8 pots to control vsts/effects; the faders are for volume and pan; you can’t change it
-in custom you can map any way you like (see below)
-in analog lab mode you can use separate instruments and map them as you want, including macro; for each specific synth. create a midi mapping for each instruments including the macros (little gear in the right; midi); save your mapping and your set. you can also do the same in custom mode; so each instrument will have the mapping of your choosing (you need then to turn on/off monitor if you have several). Note that it doesn’t work with the analog lab plugin (which is a bit stupid imo) but only independant arturia plugins.

Lastly; if you want to have a remote ableton script but are note happy with the one provided you can create a custom one editing a text file (it’s explained in the link; create a folder with the name of your script; put the modified text file in it, it’s quite easy).
This way you could map the 12 pots and faders to device mode; maybe 4 pads even. You could also add a function to flip through pages of your macros.
you won’t have the advanced function of the ableton script (name displayed on the screen; main encoder function; launching clips) though (or if there’s a way I don’t know it)
hope it helps

edit: I understand know that you’re talking about ableton devices macros and not arturia plugins. so yeah see about the custom script option if you’re not using arturia plugins.

edit again: if by any chance you know python you can try modifying the original script (inside the ableton application on a mac). but that’s probably quite the task.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I thought it would be much easier just to address all the controls of the minilab on the fly with the macros. did not come to my mind this obstacle. In the end, it’s a controller a lot of people are using with Ableton and it should be easy to customise your workflow. Maybe with an Update of firmware, this problem will be solved… But I will also dig into the control surface topic.

The knobs on Keylab mk2 I have never been able to map them to the macros in Ableton Live 11. Even if I use the Midi Control Center or use Ableton mapping program it doesn’t work. The Mk2 hasn’t had an update in a long time. I had to purchase a Novation Launch Control XL it seems more reliable than the knob mapping on KeyLab mk2.

I have the minilab but I guess it’s the same problem. As I just wanted a nifty simple mini controller for working on the road with a relatively nice keyboard and build quality, I have decided for the minilab but seems like akai would have been the better solution… let’s keep on diggin.

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It’s basically a design choice from arturia; you can’t have a full ableton control in a format like this. The bigger essential mk3 allows you to have 16 macros but still no way to flip through banks.
there’s never a perfect solution for all of this. I really doubt they will change the way it works but maybe someone could come with a custom template that helps.
Alternatively if the plugin allows it’s less trouble to just midi learn directly into the vst.

you can do that pretty easily with a custom remote script; see my link above. I have a generic 24 pots controller here and was able to make it a remote in about ten minutes, it works with anything.
you just edit the txt file with the midi CC of your controller (device control 1-16); create a folder with the name of your choosing; put the txt file inside; then launch live; select your script in the list with your keyboard as in and out and you’re done. You’ll also have to deactivate the default script. you could also assigns buttons to switch through banks.

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That sounds complicated haha. :joy: Thanks for the idea though. I would love if even it did just 1st 16 macros like on the new keylab mk3. At least the knobs are useful for quick parameters in live gigs…instead of having another seperate controller to hook up.