How to make Pigments sequencer affect other synths (Logic Pro)


I just watched a video where a seq. from Pigments was affecting Acid V in Ableton.
I’m using Logic Pro and would like to try it but totally confused on how to achieve it.


Hi @minimooger . Welcome to the community.

I think the available info about this in this new community is to be found in this topic:

I’ve seen some tutorials already but they are all for Ableton!

I would like to try both, use the sequencer for other plugins, and route other plugins audio into Pigments 5 (audio in).

I don’t know the specifics of Logic, but what Ableton does is put the midi output from Pigments into the list of midi sources for other tracks. You would go to the track you want to drive with the sequencer and select the Pigments output (or maybe the track number that pigments is on) as the source of midi data for that plugin’s track.
I’m dying to have some time to mess with the external audio input, but I haven’t done that yet. Have no idea how Logic would allow you to route audio to a midi plugin, but I have to think that that is possible.

I’m not on MAC.

Ti use AUDIO INPUT for Pigments you select AUDIO INPUT in the Utility Engine. There is a dropdown arrow right to the activation button for the middle OSC.

In your DAW you should use sidechain like when using a vocoder, if that indeed work with third party instrument plugins.
I’ve found this that might help:

About the MIDI routing there is info in the link i posted.
Otherwise i suggest you ask in a Logic forum. It’s a DAW routing issues.