Arp or Seq send to midiout

hi everyone

Where is the midiout config in pigments ?
im trying to send the arp/seq to another synt

thanks for help

If you are in Ableton this is done with how you route your channels. You can have another channel with your desired synth and have it as “in” with the Midi in routed from the channel with pigments. The same goes if you want to record the midi note themselves. You would records them on another channel that is routing midi in from the channel with Pigments. Also select “pigments” in the midi in drop down in the recording channel. This is for Ableton, not certain with the numerous other DAWs.

I use this trick all the time! Turn down the volume of the output in Pigments and just use the midi-out to drive another VST or hardware synth with the ARP/SEQ in Pigments :slight_smile:

How you do this varies from DAW to DAW but the it should be configurarable wherever you set up the routing configuration for the track

do you using Live ? somehow it works

I also thought that it should work like this, but only the notes that I play are recorded and not the sequencer, so I thought that you would have to set the sequencer to midiout in Pigments beforehand

I have the same issue: only the notes that trigger the sequence are output, not the actual generated sequence notes.
So if I play C, F, G each of those notes should generate a 16-note sequence and that’s what I want to capture, not the C, F, G input.

Hi @fxdaly. Welcome to the community.

How excactly do you set it up in your DAW?
The midi output from Pigments shall be input for a track to be recorded. Not your controller.

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It’s not about a setting in Pigments.

I don’t use MAC stuff at all.
But as far as i know, then the AU format does’nt officially support midi out from an instrument.

I also don’t think it’s straight forward to do this routing in Logic.
But there might be some workarounds. I suggest you try to search the web for info.

If any Logic user have this working, then please post the solution in Logic.

Hi, I can confirm that the AU version of Pigments does not work for routing MIDI out in Ableton Live 11 as mentioned by LBH above.
In Ableton if you use the VST version for Pigments and then use a second midi channel (for a different VST, e.g PhasePlant) then you need to set the MIDI IN on this track to the Pigments track and also set box directly below the MIDI IN also to Pigments. Then it works correctly

Bingo its works , thanks a lot

and yes I use the AU version of pigments after switching to the vst3 version it works

Glad it worked out for you.