How to 'like' all the presets in a playlist?

Hi, I’ve exported a playlist of a bunch of presets from one PC, and imported it to another, which worked fine, they show up and can be played etc.

I now just want to add those presets to my ‘Liked’ favourites, and maybe some of them to other favourite colour groups.

But the way they show under ‘My Playlists’ on the left hand side of Analog Lab, I can’t find a way to easily favourite them/add them to collections. What would be perfect would be to select them all and make them ‘Liked’, but can’t find any way to do something like that.

Thanks for any help


You can’t like presets while in a Playlist. Probably also due to this: (From the manual)
"5.1.4. Playlist Presets Are Independent
Presets you place in a Playlist are saved independently as part of the Playlist. This means
that any change made to the original Preset won’t affect the sound of the Preset in your
Playlist. Conversely, any change made to a Preset in a Playlist won’t affect the original as
found in the Preset Browser. If you’ve tweaked a Preset inside a Playlist and would like to
use that version elsewhere, save a copy of it in a User bank so you can access it without
having to load the Playlist."

So like presets in explore view - in example before added to a playlist.
In explore view you can select multiple presets at the same time and like them all the same at once.

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Thanks for the reply.

I was asking because I’m trying to find a workaround for sharing favourites between two different machines that I’m work on. I thought maybe I could group a bunch favourites of a certain type (liked and/or in a certain colour collection), export them as a playlist, then like them/put them in the collection on the 2nd machine. Shame it’s not possible.

I know it’s possible to manually copy preference files from one machine to the other, but that involves overwriting favourites/collections on the second computer, which I want to avoid.

Is there a better way I could achieve this, via exporting/importing or something else?

I’ve suggested a cloud-based solution to Arturia a number of times, hopefully that might happen one day! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

You can try to create BANKS with the presets you wan’t to export. Then import the exported bank on another PC.
This require the presets are saved as user presets.

Factory presets store the tags info stored in the FactoryEdit folder files.
Not sure what you mean by “preferences” in this connection.

Keep in mind, that you can exchange separate preset files, that you find on your ressource folder location.

There are many ways to work with presets, but not a export/ import favorites or selected presets unless they are in a bank.

Thanks again… yep sorry that’s what I meant, the preset files in the resource folder. But my understanding is that doing that between machines will overwrite, so one would need to continuously move the file back and forth before making any new likes/etc on either machine.

I looked at creating banks with the presets I liked, but having to duplicate each one makes it a bit of a laborious process.

Have you tried? Sometimes one find out a lot by trying.

Usually when files on Windows have the same name you are asked if you want to keep both files. I assume it’s the same on a MAC.
I don’t see how it’s not a mess having the same preset using the same name have different tags.
How excactly did you imagine this should work?

Yes I have tried… I’m on PC, but - maybe I’m mistaken - I thought I could only have one copy of the file which holds the presets on each machine.

How do I imagine this would work? To pick a common example, something like Spotify: if I like a song or album on Spotify on my PC at work, it will also be liked on my phone, and on my laptop at home. If I had to copy a ‘spotify_likes’ file, and make sure that I kept it updated as I used Spotify on my Laptop, phone, and work PC, that would be more of a hassle than if I just liked the album in one place, and knew that would be reflected on all my instances of Spotify. If I had to create copies of all the songs/albums that I liked, and then export them to other machines/phones, that would also be a bit of a hassle.

Not all vst instrument makers allow automatic syncing of likes/collections/custom presets like this, but some do, and it’s very welcome for people who are making music using more than one computer.

You did’nt answer my question. We are not talking about a none excisting Arturia cloud system.
Also such a system would excactly make everything the same on your devices, and you said you did’nt wan’t that.

About cloudbased preset system:
It will have to be stored on Arturia servers because of registration. Only you should have access.
It’s a cost for Arturia and and also a cost energy wise.
Who excactly offer this feature? And can those presets be used without paying a subscription, so you don’t have them, if you don’t pay? Is it working ok.

Don’t misunderstand me. I do think preset exchange among computers is’nt easy. I would like it to be easier. I just try to reply your questions and help. I did. If you don’t wan’t to do what’s possible now, then feel free to create a feature request here also like you have posted to Arturia i understand.

I understand that a cloud based system could be unattractive for a number of reasons… development, maintenance and support time, and lots more. Maybe better for Arturia to work on creating amazing music hardware and software… I’m happy with that. Off the top of my head, two developers I use who do use that approach are CableGuys (with Shaperbox) and XLN Audio.

For me personally, what would be fantastic would be something like the playlist feature, but where I could select the presets from within that playlist (or whatever similar list) and ‘like’ them, and/or add them to one of the colour collections.

Then on one machine I could just select all the presets that I’ve assigned green, put them in a list that I can export, then import that list on the second machine, select them all and assign them to the green collection.

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Very few have cloud services - especially without a catch or more.

Keep in mind, that you also have to be able to copy presets that’s not on the second computer. Otherwise you would have not solved the whole problem with your list.

Anyway - Today we have the options that allready excist. There are ways to exchange presets between computers, like i have suggested.
But yes an easier option to exchange tags and more will be welcome. It’s a topic discussed in the legacy forum many times too.

But again - who knows if Arturia find a good solution of one kind or another.

Hope Arturia will find a good solution… I’ll put in a feature request as you mentioned above.