How to create delayed vibrato?

I have just acquired Augmented Strings to use with GarageBand, and I am still a bit overwhelmed with the breadth and depth of possibilities!
Just about to embark on playing around with creating my own presets using layers, and what is not entirely clear to me is what the best way would be to control the vibrato of a sound in such a way that it kicks in after a certain period rather than immediately, with the depth gradually increasing to a given maximum. What I would also like to experiment with is to alter the cutoff frequency of a filter at the same time, to see if this produces a more natural sounding vibrato. Any tips welcome! Thanks in anticipation.

Hi @koenfucius and welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

That would likely be down to the envelope controlling it. I’m not at my studio PC right now, but if you open the advanced options, you should be able to find it in there from memory.


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Thank you Mat - I really need to (a) figure out how to route sources to modifications to the sound and (b) experiment with it. My impression so far is that nothing is impossible, but rather that there are so many possibilities that it is sometimes hard to see how to create a particular sound.

I will report back :slight_smile:

Hi @koenfucius ,

Both the Vibrato, the Tremolo and LFO’s allready have fade parameters.

Vibrato and Tremolo have yellow and pink buttons to assign the modulator to the Layers.

All Augmented instruments work the same. So about other modultor assignments please read this:

I have explained more in my post there.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions.

Thank you so much, LBH. That was very helpful - I have now been able to take a first stab at configuring a half-decent sound for violin, viola and cello - making full use of the flexibility of the Modulation capacity - I patched a slow random generator into the rate controls of both vibrato and tremolo (value: 0.02) to give a little randomness to the modulation, which works very well!

That sound good @koenfucius.
You are welcome. Have fun.