How to access modulation slots

I try to add new modulation options to the KEYS section. I see that in some presets there are values added in various slots. But somehow I cant get access to the settings and I cant add new functions to empty slots. The manual is not clear about this.
Any tips on this?

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I think what you’re after is in the manual, page 44, 6.2. ‘Modulation’, if i’m reading your question correctly?

Hope that’s of some help to you :grinning:

In the latest manual it is on page 52 section 6.2.4 KEYS.
When i try to access one of the slots it does not respond. I cant manage to create a new destination neither can i alter the value of an existing destination.
However it is possible to alter the curves and the buttons on the bottom.


It’s not possible to add parameters to be modulated while on the KEYS page. You have to go to a view where the parameter you wish to modulate is.

You should be able to alter the excisting modulations values by dragging the mouse in the value field or the small arrows to the right in the text field in the KEYS page.
Curves can also be altered in the KEYS page in the main displays at the top. It’s a global curve you set. You can drag and add points to the curves.

To add parameters to modulators:
First click the Advanced button in the top right of the application.
In Advanced mode:

There are two ways.

  1. Click a modulators display in the bottom of the application.
  2. Hoower the mouse at the edge of a parameter that can be modulated by that modulator. You will see a two way marker. Then drag a modulation amount.


  1. Hoower the mouse over a parameter that can be modulated. A + will appear over the parameter to the right. Click the + and a modulator amount setting panel will show in the bottom of the application.
  2. Set the modulation amount in the panel for the modulators you wish to use by dragging in the purple value fields.

Among other things you can see how the A method work in this video:
Ep. 2: Advanced Panel:
I don’t think the B Method was possible at that time. I don’t think the B method is in the manual either.

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Thanks for the reply.
Option B works best for me.