How to access Audio settings in the plugin hosted in GigPerformer

I am running the V Collection within GigPerformer, and I have a detuned issue between two plugins included in a GP rackspace. This is a very simple test, with two master keyboards attacking the two plugins, which audio outputs are combined using a mixer and sent to a Steinberg U22 mk2 audio interface.

People in the GP forum mentioned that it could be a sample rating issue, but I don’t know how to access the Audio settings when the VST3 plugins are loaded in GP. I can access them if I run the plugins standalone (it says 44100Hz). I have looked at all menus and buttons when I opened the plugin in GP.

Thanks for helping.

I should have mentioned that I am on the latest version of MacOS, and that I have the latest versions of GigPerformer as well as the Arturia plugins.

Hi @PierreL . Welcome back.

When you run plugins inside a host like Gig Performer, then the plugins use the settings set for and in the host. It’s not individually set for each plugin.

What precisely do you mean by “detuned issue”?