HELP : Hardware linked to Minifreak VST, can't record ARP/SEQ pattern out

Windows 10
Ableton11 live
Hardware : Minifreak
VST : Minifreak
Connection to computer : USB

MIDI SETTING :slight_smile:
Local Control : ON
MIDI Seq/Synth : MIDI>SYNTH ( the option on the right )
Knob Send CC : ( Off ) no clue what it does
Program Change : Off lol ^ same

Issue :
When I link my synth to the VST, I found out that it no longer record/send the MIDI pattern of an ARP or SEQ. I will show the note on the key board that I am pressing but it should alternate and show me the full pattern of the ARP/SEQ.

Expected Result :
Linked or not I should be able to record the MIDI pattern.
Since I have no clue what I am doing, I probably disable/enable something that I shouldn’t.

Example : I am pressing C1 with Arp set to 3 octave.
[Not linked]
DAW > I see key ‘C1’ ‘C2’ ‘C3’ alternating, I can record that pattern.

DAW > I only see the ‘C1’ key and I am pressing. I hear the ARP playing but it only records the MIDI ‘C1’ [ Can’t share the other picture but it’s basically just one long C1 note that will sound as an ARP if I record it straight into AUDIO instead of MIDI]

I just found out the “cause” because I troubleshooted that a bit too much and though I was getting crazy that I once was able to record the pattern.
I think it shouldn’t matter Linked or not.
Raising a Flag here.

Let me know if I noob’d out,
Thanks in advance ! :grin:

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So there might be an actual problem I see.
Opened a ticket.

I though I was just noobing

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I don’t have a hardware MiniFreak.

Keep in mind, that a instrument/ midi track in a DAW record the midi input for the track.

So if the tracks input is the note from a controller, then it record the keys you play on it. Sound like that’s what you have done, if i shall understand you use your hardware as a controller to play MiniFreak V in your DAW.

To record the midi output from a instrument that’s able to send out midi notes, then you need to have a track set to have that instrument set as midi input for the track - in this case miniFreak. It look like this is what you need to do, to record the plugins midi output.

When you record your Hardware midi output, then the hardwares SEQ will be recorded because of this, when it send out the SEQ as midi notes.
If a hardware does’nt send out a SEQ as separate midi notes, then it will only record the notes you play on the keys.

All this confirm the results you mention.

Just in case this is what your issue is about.

I want to understand why I get two different result when I link the VST to the Hardware.
I think that answer the first part "To record the midi output from a instrument that’s able to send out midi notes, then you need to have a track set to have that instrument set as midi input for the track "
Am I doing it wrong ?
If not, with this current configuration + Being linked to the VST itself ( it’s basically a Virtual Minifreak controlled by a Minifreak :rofl: ) It’s easier that way to use the MOD MATRIX. Don’t judge me plz.

With this the keyboard send the pattern to the VST ( I can see the virtual keys being pressed ), VST react to the ARP and send the right audio but doesn’t send back the MIDI track.

Without being Linked :

Both ends up the same if I record straight into Audio.
I was wondering if I was making some sort of Loop feedback

Please note that every change from the VST will also be change on the Hardware too. They are “synced”, it looks like Hardware sends the MIDI properly to the VST but the VST doesn’t send it to Ableton.

Did I made it clearer of what I’m looking for ? :face_with_diagonal_mouth: I hope it helped
I did open a ticket I am curious to see what’s the fix. I really hope that I’m just missing something really crucial and it’s an easy done deal type of thing.

(( I did open a ticket with Support just as Person.Arturia asked me to do BUT I can’t put screenshot in the ticket and I’ll use this Forum post a reference if they ask me question ))

If the minifreak that show in the input/ MIDI FROM selector is the hardware, then it look like you record the hardware/ what you play on the keys.
I don’t use Ableton live. But i will guess you can create another track and then select minifreak V as input for that track, and then record on that. I assume you wan’t to record the minifreak V seq/ the minifreak V output.

Keep in mind that you basicly don’t need to record all the seq notes, unless you wan’t to use the seq for another plugin. Recorded trigger notes will work like you play the controller. The mods are not recorded as midi.

That is what I am doing for now, it can kill the momentum of an idea.
Still waiting for support to see if this is “as intended”.
It’s just nice to instantly create a random ARP pattern on the fly and record it than being able to easily layer it with something else.

Did you try this? Did’nt it work? i can record MiniFreak V’s output here doing like this in my DAW Studio One.

Sorry If I wasn’t clear, That’s exactly what I am doing since I found the cause of the problem.
I guess I didn’t see it to just always have it ready like this

I must understand that the “Track In” you now have chosen below MiniFreak V in the “MIDI To” will make the output of MiniFreak V be the signal to be recorded.
Then the issue is solved now, if i understand you correct.


There is a difference between a work-around and a real fix.
I’m still very confused to “if” this is working as intended.

Sure having actually 2 track recording makes it so I can both HEAR and Record.
Versus my first work-around that was to unlinked my Synth every time.

I want to put it on hold before putting : SOLUTION under your post.
In case Arturia Support ( which is a bit slower than you to respond ) confirms if there is an issue or not with their VST.


It’s not a workaround.
Unless your DAW can accept one midi input/ in this case your controller to control the plugin, but then also can set the DAW to record the midi output of the plugin on the same track instead of the normal recorded input midi and do this without creating midi feedback, then you need two tracks to record the plugins midi output while listening to what you do.

The point is the plugin work. As you say, then you can record the plugins midi output.

If the track ie recieve midi notes generated with a seq or arp send into the tracks midi input from hardware, then those notes will be recorded.

As said - It’s normal the track record what is send to it’s midi input.



So I was noobing after all

I just bought a minifreak and i have the same problem.

Can you explain me better how can i record arp and sequences correctly when the freak is linked to the vst?

I’m portuguese and i think i’m not getting everything from the solution :frowning:

Hi @calhaus . Welcome to the forum.

Have you read the whole thread?
What do you think, you are not getting?

Do you know how to route signals and how to record in your DAW?

What has the linking between hardware and software to do with this? Can you get things to work without using the linking?

If you need more help with this, then i think you have to be much more detailed and accurate about what your issue excactly is - tell about what you do, - and also tell which results and which recordings from hardware and or software, that you exspect to get, from doing what you do.

Perhaps i or someone else will be able to help you then.



Yeah, i know that and i think i understood what people said.

But if i link minifreak to one instance of minifreak v, i can’t record the correct midi notes and that’s a shame because in my workflow i’m using 3 instances of minifreak v.

I’ve tried two tracks with routing from minifreak or minifreak v, but if minifreak is linked to one instance the recording will not work correctly.

My trick and only trick is to unlink minifreak everytime before recording… :frowning:

Hi again,

You don’t give much informations.
I trust you know about the routing and how to record then.

But what’s a correct recording and what’s not?

As i don’t have a hardware MiniFreak, then i have tried to find out what linking actually is.
I understand it’s a two way linking between the hardware and the software version.
But does it mean that linking only work, if both the hardware and the software have the same preset loaded? If so, then i think that can be a problem when using seq/ arp presets. Which seq/ arp to use? I can imagine either the hardware or the software seq/ arp have to be deactivated, but which?
I can imagine the hardware perhaps can be set to either output the seq/ arp genereted midi notes or not, if it indeed output them at all. Is that possible?
Does either the hardware or the software automaticly deactivate, when there is a link using seq/ arp presets?
Can you “issue” be found in this?

Can the hardware be linked to multiple instances at the same time?

Why do you need to be linked, if it work without?

I know most of the stuff you guys arw talking about.

The problem only occurs with the minifreak linked to minifreak v.

you can only link it to one vst instance at a time, and if not synked and the midi route is set correcty like the OP talked about, the midi will send the correct notes, but if liked it will not workd like before even with the same settings…

I want vst because the workflow is better, i can have multiple minifreak v vsts ate same time, i dont have to worry about delays in a daw and the visual feedback is better.

I think its a Vst bug…

From a reddit post from 200days ago:

"The support agent at Arturia suggests the following:

"You would need to use the Minifreak Hardware on another midi track, or midi learn the parameters without the unit being linked for the modulation to be properly recorded.We have already referenced this bug and will update the Minifreak V for this to be recorded when linked to the hardware."

So it’s a bug and it’s not fixed yet after 200days… :frowning:


In the release notes for version from 17-Jan-2023 (nearly 7 month old) update - that’s probably the mentioned update - you can read this under bugfixes:
MIDI out now works fine” and “No more issue when real-time recording automations in a DAW”.
If you don’t think it’s fixed, then i suggest you contact Arturia support through your account.
I can record midi notes from MiniFreak V, and so can you. I can also record manuel modulations midi done with either a controller or using the mouse ti control MiniFreak V, and i assume you can too. The modulation and the notes will be recorded on two different tracks. The midi notes will be recorded on another track, simply because the notes are midi output the modulations is midi input.

I can’t see how it should be possible to record a MiniFreak V’s midi output on it’s own track, unless something in the DAW prevent it plays it self back and create midi feedback issues.

If the hardware MiniFreak is linked to a MiniFreak V, then it’s possible the hardware only can control that instance, at least for some functionality. Such a behavior can be normal.

If the issue and solution is’nt to be found in what i asked about that in principle also include the hardwares local settings and such, then i also must recommend you contact Arturia support.

Without further informations like i’ve asked for, i can’t do more. I can’t rule out a bug, but i can’t see it’s proved either.

I hope an explanation will be found and verified. I’m curious.