HELP: Analog Lab Intro -> Analog Lab Play

Hi everyone,

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of Arturia so excuse my amateur-level of comprehension here…

Trying to download and run the installation pkg found in the Analog Lab Play page but Analog Lab Intro still loads up. Are they actually unique software applications or am I not seeing the Lab Play instrument in Lab Intro? What am I missing here?

M1 Mac mini w/ Sonoma 14.0 macOS
Downloadable from the Lab Play page: “Analog_Lab_V__5_8_0_3963.pkg”

Have you tried updating AL Intro through the Arturia Software Center?

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Same question!
I click to download ANALOG LAB PLAY, but ANALOG LAB V (INTRO) downloads and installs. And i can’t see PLAY in software center.
But if i’m not mistaken, INTRO is “better” than PLAY and has more sounds in it.


Thanks @sjimmy2009 I believe I already downloaded the latest version of AL Intro (ver. via their website – the link provided on the Analog Lab Play YouTube videos in fact. When I try updating through Arturia Software Centre, it shows Analog Lab V as up to date.

Ditto @mcviga ! Yeah as far as I can tell, if I hit the X (close) button up by the instrument selection drop-down, the full window becomes something similar (exactly the same?) to what AL Play should look like. I’m not sure if that was always a feature haha

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@williehew and @mcviga You’re both right. Since Intro is actually an upgrade over Play, your version will say Intro. The simpler screen like the screenshot of the Flying Tronsax preset is something new and is available to all versions of Analog Lab. I have the Pro version and I get that screen now too since the update to


Ah alright! Thanks for taking the time to clarify, @sjimmy2009 :v: