[FX REQUEST/CONCEPT] 2024 FX Wishlist with Images

Arturia’s FX Collection has been steadily replacing all of my other plug-ins over the last few years, something I hope continues. I’ve put together a list of ideas, requests, and hopes for future releases, as the collection does still have some gaps (as is to be expected).

Why these plug-ins?
My list is based on what I believe would help to round out the collection and make it much stronger as a standalone, all-purpose analogue mixing suite. Although as much as possible I’ve tried to go for lesser emulated hardware, there are a lot of what I would consider “classics” on the list. These are included as I believe Arturia would be able to do a faithful emulation and bring further workflow enhancements.

----- EQ -----

Pultec EQ: Although widely emulated, I would be interested to see what Arturia could bring to this classic. Adjustable THD and mid/side would be cool to see.

Motown EQ (Langevin 252): Since using the Kazrog version of this EQ (True 252), it has become my most used and most versatile mixing tool. Incredibly fast to work with and hard to make sound bad. Arturia’s version could go further by adding auto gain with adjustable output trim (like EQ-Sitral), adjustable THD, stepped control toggle, and Hi/Lo Filters in the advanced panel. The rarer grey version for the UI would be a nice touch.

Mastering Tube EQ (EAR 825Q): Although the EQ-Sitral sounds great, it having only three bands is quite limiting. An emulation of this mastering EQ would help to fill that gap in the collection. Additional features could include adjustable gain compensated input drive (for tube warmth), gain scale, stepped frequency toggle, auto-listen (solo the band you are eqing to help with precision), and adjustable Q. This EQ could then be utilised as a tone shaper OR a surgical tool, with and without tube character.

----- COMPRESSION ------

1176 Blue Stripe: In addition to the FET-76, it would be cool to see the more saturation Rev A be included in the collection. All the same features as it’s brother, just more harmonics. If the THD amount was adjustable it would be even better.

Fairchild 670: One of the most requested plug-ins from what I’ve seen on forums. Most other emulations lack the workflow of Arturia plug-ins, so I would love to see this in the collection with Arturia’s feature base.

LA2A: Although I love that the STA-Level was initially chosen over this, I do think the collection is missing this classic (and an opto compressor in general). I would love to see this hardware with linked controls and Arturia’s sound quality.

Distressor: Another highly requested piece of hardware. The UI of most of the emulations hurts my brain a little bit, so I would love to see Arturia’s simplistic and logical UI improvements here, oh, and linked controls of course.

Tube Mastering Compressor: I’ve used the Magic Death Eye as an example picture, but my main inspiration for this is the Capitol Mastering Compressor from UAD. A vibey Vari-Mu compressor that can be both dirty and transparent, has that vari-mu glue, but also the MDE style EQ controls to really help shape the sound on the bus channel. This one doesn’t have to be a specific model emulation, just have that Mu vibe (and not be as confusing to look at as the MDE plug-in is haha!).

----- MODULATION/FX -----

Tape Flanging/FX: Besides the Flange section within Satin by U-He, there aren’t really any decent true tape flanging plug-ins out there. This plug-in would be a combination of the classic tape echo, tape flanging, and a wow/flutter section with adjustable rate and depth for each. The flange section has a moveable slider that can be synced with the project tempo or moved manually.

Tube Tremolo (Selmer Tremolo): Go on google now and try to find a good analogue plug-in that’s a dedicated tube tremolo, there aren’t really any. A simplistic but vibey soft tremolo with adjustable THD, noise, and project sync would help to fill that gap in the FX collection, as this is currently one of the last modulation types missing. Never seen this device emulated as I think it’s quite rare.

Reel-to-reel Tape Machine: Probably the biggest requested plug-in yet to be released from Arturia. Anything close to the IK Multimedia Tape 80 but with linked controls and optional oversampling would be amazing, as that plug-in is the best sounding tape out there I’ve heard that’s algo based.

----- REVERB/DELAY -----

Chamber Reverb: Pretty much the last reverb type missing from the collection is a vibey 50s/60s style chamber reverb. The concept version above breaks away from the usual “room UI” and instead is an imagined piece of hardware (based off of the Fender Echo Chamber). This UI would make it easy to quickly dial in a vintage sound without having to faff around with moving virtual mics around etc. Looks pretty cool too, eh!

Echoplex EP-1: The FX Collection’s delay picks are really good, but an earlier style tube based echo unit would make it even more versatile. I’ve never seen an emulation of the EP-1, usually all of them pick the solid-state EP-3. This earlier version with modern features like ducking etc. would be awesome.

EMT 250: The first digital reverb. Visually interesting hardware and the simplistic features make it fast to dial in a basic reverb sound. Competitor’s versions of this are quite old now, and it would be nice to see Arturia’s version with better modelling and some modern workflow optimistations.

Interested to hear other people’s thoughts too.


Lots of nice choices there. Although, I have most of these made by other developers, so it’s not hugely important from my perspective.

I would like to see them take on a Bitcrusher though. There is one in Coldfire, but what I was getting at is something that essentially models the old samplers like those Emu and Akai units from the 80s and early 90s, the lofi crunchiness and the primitive way they manipulate pitches.

Something that we can throw on a sound source to get us some of that nostalgic “resampled” effect. They could even throw in some of the algorithms from their other instruments such as their Casio CZ V or the Fairlight CMI V.

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A bitcrusher or downsampler unit would be really cool. I’m not even sure whether that suits being a faux-analogue unit or one of the EFX type plug-ins. I didn’t include any EFX type requests as I think of them as Arturia’s modern styled plug-ins, even if they do include some analogue options like Coldfire does.

As for the choices above and the the other devs stuff, I agree there is stuff out there, but also still do think Arturia should tackle “the classics”. Some of those plug-ins by other devs are now getting old and lack modern workflow features, not to mention that Arturia brings a certain quality and consistency to their emulations that I think isn’t quite there in other developers work. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but the Arturia stuff just feels better to use and gets good results quickly.

My hope is that Arturia continue to release all three types: The classics, interesting efx that can be used for sound design and modern production, and then also some lesser known and more esoteric stuff.

I did ask on a live stream a few months back about the possibility of them finally releasing a Tape Machine emulation, and they hinted at it…then the live stream froze and ended haha! Never quite got an answer. I really hope there is a lot more FX releases this year though, nearly even single time they release a new plug-in, it replaces something in my VST folder.

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One thing I forgot to add to my initial list I’d like to mention too: PRE-73 V2

The PRE-73 is one of my favourite plug-ins in the current collection, however, it would really benefit from a revision and reworking. In it’s current state it lacks the most of the characteristic harmonics found in the hardware and only develops grit when the input drive is maxed out, at which point it basically craps out quickly.

There is a reddit thread that compares various 1073 emulations, and this issue was brought up in those posts. Many people love the PRE-73 for the EQ, but the harmonics/input drive section could really benefit from a revision.

I’d love to see a Pre-73 V2 that fixed the lack of harmonics, had a more gradual input drive that could be pushed further, and included optional oversampling. I’d also like to see a stepped controls button too so the EQ selections become fixed.

That’s generally the way the real deal works.

Back in the day harmonic distortion was the enemy of getting a good clean signal. Every device in the studio including the mics and tape all accumulated harmonics and noise to a point where it was difficult to work with so the holy grail for them was to design everything to be as clean as possible. Rupert Neve was one of those guys who spearheaded “cleaner” designs.

Of course, as devices for older, more used the became noisier and more harmonically rich. Between an early revision that is well used and a more modern revision that is practically new the differences could be quite big.

When it comes to plugins a lot of it comes down to which unit the developer decided to model, because they are all different. It’s nothing to do with competency at all. At least with the mature, more experienced companies.

Too much saturation can be a bad thing though. As it will build up harmonics over the course of the mix. It can make things sound too muddy, and start eating away at the intelligibility, if over used. Less is more in most instances.