[FX PLUG-IN CONCEPT] Fulltone Tube Tape Echo

An emuation of the Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, with expanded features for workflow.

Interface Rough Concept

Emulation concept
A gritty and simplistic tube based echo that can be driven to sound warm. Fewer controls for fast workflow, but advanced panel tops up the tape loop area showing a few extra hidden features such as wow/flutter, tape age, and ducking delay.

Feature Ideas
Gain compensated input drive (like the Space-201)
Wow/flutter controls
Ducking delay
Tape age

Why emulate this?
The FX Collection would benefit from an echoplex style plug-in that was also quick to deal in sounds with. Almost every other echoplex style plug-in is overly complex and are sorely missing modern features such as ducking. This could be used to quickly dial in gritty vintage tones.


I’d go for this. or even the original classic Echoplex