Plug-in Concept: An emulation of the Altec 9072A Graphic EQ. These motown style EQs are now sought after and incredibly useful for tone-shaping, both in mixing and master settings.


Selectable stepped sliders: Clickable at the bottom like other plug-ins
Auto-gain: Slider moves are automatically gain compensated
Output Gain: Located on the bottom tab, for fine-tuning output volume

“Advanced” Panel Ideas
Low Cut/High Cut Sliders: For trimming off extreme low/high frequency content
Input Drive: Drives the input for harmonics without adding volume.

The FX Collection is sorely missing a versatile EQ like this. I love the EQ-Sitral, but often find myself wishing it had extra bands. This EQ would help to fill that gap, and I believe competing brand’s versions are all missing certain workflow features that I know Arturia could do better.

Happy 2024 Arturia!

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