Future of V Collection

Hello, I am new here. I just purchased an Arturia controller and now I am considering V Collection X. However, I would like to know what future plans Arturia has wrt V Collection. Version X now contains ‘Augmented series’, which - to my understanding - has nothing to do with reference instruments.

So, my question is: where is this product heading? Is V Collection becoming more of an all-around sound library instead of being a collection of quality reference instruments and what is the idea of adding ‘Augmented Series’ into the collection.


HI @tiari and welcome to The Sound Explorers Forum!

Myself and the other ‘External Moderators’ do no work for Arturia, so we couldn’t possibly comment on the future of The V Collection or any other Arturia products, just to clarify.

Arturia don’t announce things before their release, much like many other companies i’m afraid, but the best way to keep up with all things Arturia is to subscribe to our Newsletter to be the first to know about them.

As regards The Augmented Series, personally, i think they make a REALLY nice addition to the collection in that they offer sonic possibilities not possible in the rest of The Collection which can augment and compliment them. YMMV of course as creativity is a highly personal thing. The other people i know personally that have them though are all rather impressed with them.



Thank you for your insight.
Well, I couldn’t resist after playing with analog lab intro.
So now I am a V Collection X user. Great sounds, nifty UI.


Just to further manage your expectations, Arturia almost do not ever, with barely any exceptions, disclose details about future or immediately-upcoming product-launches, on a public-facing forum.

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Hi @tiari

That’s great to hear! Hope you have as much fun with them as the rest of us do. :sunglasses:


Well I’d like to think… hope that they may get into doing their own modular style synth. Like what I suggested here…


Now that’s a brilliant idea!

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Yeah it definitely would be a great idea to see Arturia launch a virtual modular synth you could build to your own specification. That does sound like a different product range though to V Collection. But then again, so does the Augmented range of products, but they’re included. So…yeah.

…and besides the things you would expect like a Jupiter/Juno inspired oscillator, or a obligatory Moog filter, they can offer oscillator and filter modules from other synths plus throw in some new ideas.

A Pigment inspired sample/granuliser oscillator, a stripped down version of the MiniFreq oscillator, a resonator bank with keyboard/pitch tracking, and… blanks!!

Yep, never underestimate the power of a panel that does absolutely nothing but allows you to keep your modules aesthetically aligned. They could also serve as place holders for template patches. Consider also that if Arturia allows users to import their own custom images, they could potentially use them as badges for their blanks, giving their modular setups their own signature look.

Of course, a light and dark mode would be welcome by most users.

More hypothesis from me…

There are a handful of Arturia’s older VSTs desperately in need of a re-write (e.g.: ARP2600, Modular V). I predict VC11 will address at least one of these, but similar to CS80V4, I predict it will not be a free upgrade for users of previous VCs, and mostly I can understand why.

Arturia including their own Augmented range into the V Collection from VC9 onwards marked a change in direction. Until then, the V Collection had solely been about emulating discontinued classic hardware designed and built by other manufacturers. I predict we are nearing the end of new emulations of classic hardware appearing in Arturia’s roster of synths. The remaining Big Names that people would want to be added (e.g.: Korg M1, Roland D50, among others) are already being marketed by their original manufacturer / current IP owner, who likely won’t grant Arturia the appropriate privileges to market a competing product because why should they.

So my prediction for future V Collections is, in order of likelihood:

  1. refinement / rebuild of older emulations, with the ARP2600 and Modular V being chief contenders
  2. expansion / development of the Augmented range of hybrids
  3. one or two more emulations of off-the-radar quirky synths that rarely anyone will use (a trend which started with the Buchla Easel: I mean, let’s be honest, tell me truthfully you can’t live without it?)
  4. re-introduction of a drum machine to replace the seriously-rusty Spark 2 (PRETTY PLEASE!)

Very happy for anyone to throw their own thoughts into the ring. It’s all ‘just for fun’ hypothesis. Only those ‘in the know’ at Arturia truly know, and they ain’t tellin’…


In my opinion the Buchla adds more value to the collection than some others which more often feel interchangeable where I’ve used them. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had with the collection.

I tend to keep an eye out for drum synth VSTs. An emulation of an old-school drumsynth, or maybe even a DrumBrute V, would be pretty cool. A pure synth that feels like an identifiable instrument. I personally don’t prefer the “does everything” solutions like Spark.

Think the SR-88 by AudioThing, but emulating something else, and not sample-based. Or the Drumatic4 by E-Phonic, not attempting to be one machine from history, but still just a great synth with its own feel.

P.S. Please not an 808 emulation.