Full volume noise blast while changing presets

I just got Analog Lab and was messing around, trying out presets, then suddenly it starting blasting distorted noise at full volume. I ripped of my headphones immediately but it wasn’t a nice experience.

The next day it happened again. This time on speakers that were turned down so it wasn’t scary.

I am wondering has anything like this happen to someone else?

Might not be even related to Analog Lab, but it seemed to have happend both times right when switching from one preset to another.

I’m using a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop with Windows 10, Minifuse 4 audio interface and a Casio keyboard as a midi controller.

I think your first step should be to uninstall and reinstall Analog Lab via the ASC

Hi @cobalt

As @Funtmaster suggested, I’d try this first.
I’ve not heard of this one before and isn’t something I’ve experienced myself either.

Have you been using your laptop for other things before running ALV or DAW? It might be worth restarting your machine before starting a session with ALV.
Please let us know how that works out.