"Free Sounds"?

(Newbie). Free Sounds packs. I have a huge page of “Free Sounds” but some of them wont download. Some have a button that says “Free”, or Download, other show a Mac/windows download. Whats the determining factor in what is actually Free to download for me and how can I find them?
I have Analog Lab V, Pigments, Jun6v, and just got the Minibrute V. If that helps.

Hi @Andrewwolf ,

If you mean free soundpacks from Arturias sound page, then you can just open the Store in the left panel inside Analog Lab and select the Free category. All the sounds your software instruments use should be there.

You can’t use presets tha’t for hardware synth or for Spark2, if you don’t have those applications.

On Arturias sound page you also can select a Free category. If you are on Windows then you can’t use the MAC installer and vice versa.

Search my posts. I have several FREE Pigments patch collections which I created as well as a Minibrute V one…