Free - 32 patch Pigments collection

Yes - me again. Here are another 32 patches for free. I have another 32 in the works and will post them in a couple of weeks.

I believe I have resolved the problem of missing samples, except maybe for one patch (?).



Great stuff! Cheers for these… Not currently at my machine, but will make sure to check them out tomorrow!

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Thanks for sharing,
have a great holiday season.

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Thank you for sharing these!

I just imported the .pgtx-file, but for many presets it seems there are some samples missing.

Are these standard-samples I can find and install anywhere?



This is a problem I am trying to avoid. Arturia doesn’t like the sharing of samples from purchased collections. I have been trying to avoid adding these, using the supplied samples from Pigments 3, 3.5,4 and my own imported samples to avoid any copyright problems. In your case it may be that you have not ‘collected’ the earlier samples as I did when upgrading Pigments. I dont really have an answer for you and the whole situation is bugging the hell out of me. All I can suggest is replacing with other samples in the interest of exploration. You may end up with something even more fantastic that my original patch.

I have just logged a technical support query to try and resolve this.

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Wonderful – many thanks!

I think maybe there’s a sample library (or more?) that I should have already loaded. The following patches had missing samples:

“Buried Feelings” couldn’t find “Telesync.wav”.
“Cautious Glance” couldn’t find “Grand Piano C3”.
“Early Whispers” couldn’t find “White Noise (Wide).wav”.
“Eye Contact” couldn’t find “Stirred Not Shaken Eb.wav”.
“Hush Money” couldn’t find “PolyBrute M Dangles C2 17.wav”.
“Jungle Japes” couldn’t find “Parabola.wav” or “WG_MB_C3.10.wav”.
“Moment of Deception” couldn’t find “Vibration.wav”.
“No Inhibition” couldn’t find “Scrambled Heart.wav”.
“Out of Sight” couldn’t find “2_3_Low Click.wav” or “Celesta.wav”.
“Safe and Sound” couldn’t find “Dense Rain.wav”.

. . . I stopped loading at this point, since most of the samples weren’t found.

Can you point me toward the source of these?

Oh. Now I see your msg later on in the thread. Maybe my msg will help motivate someone to make more of these available.

I currently have these loaded banks:

Factory, M.Houle’s Signature, Percussive Drive, Pigments 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, and VIntouch Vol 1.


I think I know what’s happening.

I recently had to restore a crashed HDD from a backup. and looking at the location of samples, they seem to be all over the place and some are indeed missing. This will take me some time to sort out and I am in the process of reinstalling collections and making sure samples are in the right place. I have already fixed a couple of patches now I have a better understanding of the problem. I am deleting the collection from this thread and will repost when I am sure everything is working. Maybe I could send you the fixed collection and see if the errors are resolved - that would be a good test :slight_smile:

EDIT: The reposted collection in the initial post should now be good.

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That’s extremely generous of you to do all this. Yes, please feel free to send me whatever you’d like to test and I’ll be happy to do so. I’ll PM you my email address.

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I just loaded the latest Secrets bank. Some samples still not found:

Cautious Glance - Tektonic Vocal B.wav
Divulged - Analogue Buzz Saw.wav
Early Whispers - Formant Chamber F.wav
Eye Contact - SQ Choir.wav
Hush Money - PolyBrute M Dangles C2 16.wav

… and most of the other patches.

Did you delete the previous install of the collection first?

If not, please right click to delete it and install the updated collection.

I replaced the majority of missing samples with those in the ‘Pigments 4’ release, so cant understand what they seem to be missing.

Yes, I deleted the original in Pigments. And I deleted the previous download file, too.

FWIW, the MD5 checksum on the pgtx file from Dropbox is:

Almost all patches loaded without any missing samples.
The following 8 samples are still reported missing:

Divulged - Analogue Buzz Saw.wav
Early Whispers - Formant Chamber F.wav
Out of Sight - Big Hit.aif & Marimba C4.wav
Safe and Sound - Reverse Water Drop.wav
Shifted Glance - Synthopa C3.wav
Sly Looks - PolyBrute M Dangles C2 29.wav

Better but not there yet. I did the same thing to fix them all so dont understand why some are ok and others not. I will look into it tomorrow. Many thanks for your help.

My pleasure. There are some really interesting patches in this collection. Thanks for all your work on this, and for making them available.

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I think I have fixed them all, apart maybe from one stubborn one which gives an error even though the sample is not missing and the patch sounds the same.

Great news. I’ll look for the new download link when it’s ready. (I see that the previous links go to a “deleted” file.)

They shouldn’t. Dropbox seems to be playing up now.

That’s from the link above, in the thread. I tried to PM the last msg, but it didn’t work.

The FIRST link in this thread does work. If it’s possible, you might want to delete the later msg with the bad link. Sorry about the confusion!

Now I’ll test the download I just got from the first link…