Fine Tune knob not available - detune to 432 Hz

I record my music in 432 Hz. Which means I do setup or change the fine tune knob to -32 ct. However that is not available in Analog Lab V or the latest I just downloaded - Analog Lab Pro for my Arturia Keylabs 61. The Mini V3 allows me to set to -0.32 semitones.

Is there a workaround to this conundrum? I asked Support on this and they said they have no plans to address this.

However for example in Analog Lab V - if I want to access the controls for DX7 then I need to buy it for $149 and I can access the tune knob.


Hi @subhapindiproli . Welcome to the community.

Yes most of Arturias full individual software instruments has a master tuning in one way or another.

I can’t remember if all Arturias instruments in V-Collection can use tuning files. I also don’t know if there are pre-made A=432 Hz tuning files around.
But in a DAW you can try to use the MTS-ESP from . There is a free version.
I don’t know, if it will work with Analog Lab.

Some DAWs may offer tuning possibilities.

If using Reaper there is JS: Pitch Shifter 2 plugin which you put after Analog Lab in your VST chain and you can tune it up or down by cents.

For 432Hz tuning you would go -31 cents I suppose approx 4 cents = Hz you would go up +16 cents for A 444