[Feature Request] Use MiniFreak as V-Collection controller?

Have a blue polysynth which I am finding too metallic and then heard some MiniFreak pads which DO have warmth. But, to afford the swap would need to sell my Keylab. So, would the Mini work well as a V-collection controller? I am assuming it wouldn’t auto map like the keylabs do?

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There is no automapping for the V Collection. However, I would love that Arturia adds this is a a feature soon.

Hey @N.Cassidy we’re glad to see you here!

Indeed it could be nice this improvement. Thanks for your feature request, we will let our team know about it.

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Yeah ! That would be a great Feature !
Would Love to have this on the Brute also !

Thinking about it … This ist a Missing keyfeature for the Arturiasynths …

Hello I’ve found that you can’t play nor stop the virtual Sequencer from the Hardware Unit’s Button. I’d really like that the Hardware Unit could be a full controller.

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That would be sonic heaven on earth.