[Feature Request] Urgent Firmware Update Needed for Arturia Keystep Pro Keyboard

Dear Arturia,

I am writing to express my disappointment and concern regarding the lack of firmware updates for the Arturia Keystep Pro keyboard. As an avid supporter of Arturia and a proud owner of multiple Arturia products, including the Rev LX-24, FX Collection 3, Minilab Deep Black, Pigments, and V Collection 8, I have come to expect exceptional quality and continuous improvement from your brand.

It has been over two years since the last firmware update for the Keystep Pro, with the most recent update dating back to June 03, 2021. During this time, numerous bugs and issues have persisted, impacting the overall functionality and user experience of the keyboard. As a dedicated musician and producer, I rely on my equipment to be reliable and up-to-date, and unfortunately, the lack of firmware updates has left me frustrated and unable to fully utilize the potential of this otherwise impressive instrument.

While the Keystep Pro is indeed a remarkable device, it has the potential to become an even greater asset to musicians and producers with the implementation of additional features and bug fixes. I firmly believe that Arturia has the expertise and resources to address these concerns and provide us with a firmware update that not only resolves existing issues but also enhances the keyboard’s capabilities.

As a loyal supporter, I genuinely want to continue investing in Arturia’s products and recommending them to my fellow musicians and producers. However, in order for me to maintain this level of support, it is crucial that Arturia acknowledges and addresses the needs of its customers.

I kindly request that Arturia’s development team prioritize the release of a firmware update for the Keystep Pro, addressing the outstanding bugs and incorporating new features that will elevate this keyboard to its full potential. Regular updates will not only improve customer satisfaction but also demonstrate Arturia’s commitment to delivering top-notch products and maintaining a strong relationship with its user base.

I appreciate the innovative work Arturia has done so far and look forward to continued excellence from your brand. Please take this matter seriously, as it is essential for the growth and prosperity of both Arturia and its dedicated user community.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



As a fellow Arturia enthusiast/supporter I completely back OP’s original post. The Keystep Pro the flagship hardware sequencer from Arturia, but is missing countless features that cheaper (lesser) Arturia products have.

Key features that the Keystep Pro is missing that other Arturia devices have:

  • Drumbrute Impact’s Ratchet recording by holding a step and pressing the roller
  • Micro/Mini Freaks pattern/splice/dice generative arpeggiator options
  • Keystep 37’s strum operation

A firmware update with bug fixes and new features needs to happen to the Keystep Pro to bring it up to speed with Arturia’s other devices.


Totally agree with the statements here. I hope more users comment here to show their frustration. But I feel the KSP forum is not very active as users have lost faith in Arturia and don’t see the point in posting or even returning to the forum. There are many issues with the KSP and users are tired of requesting solutions.

And now with the new forum all the previous discussions regarding issues have been hidden, probably soon to be erased.


Another hopeful KSP owner here - fixing the stuck arp bug and adding the roller would be quite nice. Some creative sequence tools and tempo variations bt tracks too. And how about control sequencing? The total radio silence over the past couple years will keep me from buying any other arturia gear in near the future.

What gets me the most about the lack of updates is the number of emails arturia sends about new software! I got a AF studio, Drumbrute impact, and KSP almost two years ago and not one has received an update! Meanwhile Gaulthier is constantly try to sell me this or that emulator…

Hoping they chime in with something for us, but I’m not optimistic.


Just checking in from beyond the grave to tell you that i died waiting.


Hi… I actually got my keystep pro out today to give it a go and to speculatively see if there was a new update. It mostly sits in the corner these days and I’ve seriously been thinking of selling it.

Its missing two really key features for me. A mode to get double, triple or quad hits on a step and Trig conditions. Oh it seriously needs trig conditions! I usually use my digitakt these days and its just so much better than the KSP.

For me it so close to being considered a serious modern sequencer but its just not quite there.

Any news at all on if they have another update in the pipes?

there’s so much missed opportunity with this product

parts of it are really fun and inspiring and other parts or clunky and unrefined, I check back from time to time to see if anything has changed


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I came here today, after not being at the forums for so long I had no idea it was moving to a … well … What it is now. (Which is fine of course)
I too came here pretty much JUST to check on the status of a KSP firmware update. Alas, once again nothing. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I bought mine the year it came out, and use it all the time as my primary MIDI keyboard. However, it is seriously lacking in some ways (for me. For others in other ways, along with bugs I don’t have)
For instance, the inability to record pitch bend, mod wheel, and aftertouch. Not to mention all 5 knobs in CC mode. It can’t be a matter of space, because it’s almost entirely 8 bit data measured in kilobytes. Unless they went super skimpy on the internal memory and only gave it like 1 meg or something ridiculous.
Saving chains and arpeggios would also be sweet. (Tho I realize you can now “transform” arpeggios into patterns.)
Latch transpose and global transpose.
… An option to use Arp mode on track 1 would be nice too. I don’t often use it for drums.

I half expect to find out they’ve abandoned this one when they suddenly release a KeyStep Pro 2 totally unannounced.

Some forum users have mentioned being beta testers for alleged new KSP firmware, so I hold out hope.

I am a long time customer of Arturia, owning three of their hardware products and bi-annually upgrading V Collection.


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I think i remember you from the legacy forum.

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I share the wishes of the other owners of KSP. Some things I’d love to have:

  • Ability to retrig/ratchet drums
  • Ability to have different CCs for the 4 different midi channels
  • Ability to map the different buttons and knobs like on the Beatstep / Beatstep pro (the steps, the channels, the tempo, etc.). When I click on “control”, I should be able to midi map all the buttons and knobs!

I like my keystep pro, but it could be much better!

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I would like to add a request:
The 2nd MIDI out port. Pretty please include the Keystep’s own generated MIDI in the Thru. MIDI comes into the KSP, gets combined with the KSP’s MIDI, then gets sent out MIDI port 2.
So I’m saying three options I guess: MIDI Out, MIDI Thru, and MIDI Combined Thru/Out.
It would be up to the user to avoid MIDI message conflicts, of course. No hardware or software (which the KSP is at its heart) can fully account for human error.


Here is my request. Please implement latch/toggle on the “Transpose” button instead of Holding the same button with my left hand. All 4 Seq/Arp tracks shall transpose according to key press on the keybed (KSP) or via external MIDI controller using my free-up left hand/finger. My right hand can then be used for other synths.

Bought many Arturia Software plugin V8, FX2, Pigments, SQ80, Spark, Sound banks which are all updated frequently. But the KeyStep Pro Firmware update has been inactive for at least 2 years. Need to come back stronger after Covid-19. Thank you

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Besides bug fixing, the features on your brief wishlist would be very welcome indeed :+1:t2:
That ratcheting feature is also a requests for the BeatStep Pro, which I own, too.

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Hi Matjones, yes, we all subscribed to your newsletter so we can get updates on the other Arturia products, the ones which get updates…
People here are puzzled by the lack of some key features of the so-called Keystep “PRO” and they are thinking of throwing this piece of white plastic in the bin.

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I wouldn’t advise throwing your BSP in the bin, although it’s a fairly resilient device, it should not be subjected to drops or sudden mechanical shocks as they could physically damage the unit and invalidate your warranty.

If you are having continuing issues, i’d suggest contacting support who will be able to help you further please log in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

Best :zap:

Apologies, my comment wasn’t constructive at all. I was very frustrated in noticing that things haven’t progressed in 2 and a half years for a product that doesn’t seem to be fulfilling its potential.

Apart for what has already been mentioned and just to scratch the surface, I’d appreciate to be able to save pitch wheel data with the pattern, same with the mod wheel, to be able to record it and direct it to a cv out.


Hi again @Xinod

It might be an idea for you to create a separate feature request thread as opposed to piggybacking, it makes is easier for Devs etc to keep track of.
I’ll log it as such for you then.

Hope that’s of some help!