[FEATURE REQUEST] Space Echo V2 Mock-Up/Suggestions

Following on from a previous thread, here is a concept of a resigned Tape-201 to include the envelope follower tab. To those who haven’t used it, it is incredibly useful for creating ducking delays.

This alternative layout follows the other two delay modules advanced tabs for better workflow and more consistency. Here’s how it would look:


BACK PANEL (Accessed via button next to advanced/bottom tab)

The back panel design follows the design of the unit this effect was modelled after. My mock-up is rough, but I feel this layout works well.

Would love to see something like this implemented as it’s the only delay module without the ability to do ducking, despite being the best sounding (in my opinion) delay in the bundle.

Keep up the amazing work guys.

HI @moonlightfiasco and thanks for the suggestions!

We’ll keep this marked up as a feature request to make sure our team are aware of it.