[Feature Request] Some suggestion to help improving soundbank buying

Hello ,

I think buying Arturia’s soundbank is the worst experience ever in Arturia’s shop.

  1. I start to own quite a few soundbanks and I would like to HIDE the bank I already OWN when logged in as it is the case for example in the Toontrack shop.

The same apply to the Analog LAB V store in the application. There is a checkbox to show the banks I already own but when I want to buy something I would like to simply HIDE the stuff I own and see only the soundbanks I could potentially buy

  1. the “user experience” to buy SEVERAL soundbanks is also terrible:
    a. you have to click in the soundbank image ,
    b. then a popup appears where you have to click a button with the price
    c. then another page is loaded where you have to click to the “add to card” button
    d. after a loooooong time this is displaying the Shopping cart contents (which I do not care to see at that point as I will check the cart at the end of the buying process)
    e. Then if you want to buy ANOTHER soundbank from the list you have to go click the _Sounds link at the top and the page with all sound banks is then taking a loooong time to appear and you can finally repeat the same process in loop.
    This is really annoying (to stay polite) if you buy more than 4 soundbanks…

Why not adding some check boxes to each sound bank => you simply select the one you want from the main _Sounds page and then presss one SINGLE “add to cart” button . Then after that it is always possible to remove something from the Shopping cart contents if you made a mistake.

by the way why would someone buy SEVERAL times the SAME soundbank
=> I think that you could remove the “quantity” wheelswitch from the Shopping cart contents…

Thanks in advance for considering these suggestions.
best regards


Hi @encore1 we’re glad to see you here!

Thanks for your feedback about the soundbank purchase experience. We really appreciate our users feedback :pray:

We will mark this topic as a feature request to let our team know about it.

Also if you didn’t already, we kindly invite you to read our Code of Conduct to get the most from our community!

Let’s keep exploring :zap:


thanks a lot for taking in account my request.
Hoping your developer team will agree to implement something similar to my suggestions one day.

Best regards

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