[Feature Request] Pulling CS80V3 presets into V4?

Is there any way to pull CS80V3 presets into CS80V4? There’s a whole bunch that aren’t in V4 especially the Blade Runner stuff.

Hi @jackn2mpu
As far as I am aware there is no way to do this unfortunately as I’m told, although they are models of the same synth, the coding between the two is so different that it’s not possible to translate them sufficiently well.

Thanks much for the reply. I was hoping it could be done because there’s really not all that much new in V3 that makes me want to buy it otherwise.

If you upgraded from an earlier version of V Collection that included CS80V3, you can still install it and run both V3 and V4 and have access to all the patches.


You’re missing the point. Should be able to pull the patches in and deal with one synth and not have to think about which version has which patch.

I’m not missing the point. You can’t import them into V4 but you can continue to play them in V3. The two versions are incompatible but you have a workaround.

It’s a workaround that’s a royal pain. Shouldn’t have to think which version has which patch.

Ok, i’ve now logged this as a feature request.


Thank you. ETA on implementation?

As I said, it’s a feature request and will be picked up sometime after the weekend.
There’s no guarantee it’ll be implemented as there are so many requests to deal with.
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